Teaching Textbooks Math Curriculum

Teaching Textbooks Math Curriculum

Throughout my 20+ years of homeschooling, I have used six different math programs including Saxon, Math-U-See and a specialized curriculum for LD students. We began using Teaching Textbooks math 2 years ago. It has eliminated the need for outside tutoring. Gone is the frustration and the tears. Gone are the hours I used to have to spend grading math papers! The Teaching Textbooks program uses CD-Roms. Every lesson is ‘taught’ by a teacher explaining the lesson and illustrating the concepts on ‘notebook paper’ on the computer. The student then works the problems. If he gets a problem wrong twice then a step by step solution will show up on the screen to help the student figure out where he went wrong. Can you grasp how WONDERFUL this tool is for the higher levels of math?!!! When the problems are answered on the computer, there is automated grading. That, in and of itself, is worth the price of the program for me. Also nice is the ability to re-use the curriculum for your other children. We don’t even use the paper textbook, but if your student does, it can be re-ordered for your next student, and the CD’s re-used. I recently called Teaching Textbooks and was told that if your student still is struggling with a problem after seeing the solution, you may call them with the curriculum being used and problem number and they will have their tutor call your student! A great help for the more advanced math courses, for sure. This math program has really helped boost my son’s confidence. It explains concepts clearly and concisely. He looks forward to math everyday now.

20+ years of homeschooling

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