Color Shifting Illusions Thinking Putty

Color Shifting Illusions Thinking Putty

I ordered Thinking Putty for myself. I have  A.D.D and wanted to see how well it might help me center. I LOVE it. I’ve noticed that I  WANT to use it (unlike many other fidgets) and that I can do enough things to keep it from getting boring. As a fidget it is wonderful. I focus more when I am working on stuff, everything from reading to watching my son play.

Besides everything I’ve done with it I discovered there are “experiments” on the Crazy Aaron page. Things like smacking it with a hammer, and stretching it from the ceiling. They discuss the science behind it.

The absolutely ONLY serious downside in my mind is the price. BUT you get a very generous amount. It almost hurts my hands to use it all at once.

The ONLY other, and a minor thing is the color. The picture makes it appear like several colors, and I thought that while messing with it I might see color combos that would inspire some of my artwork. Really it is just a fancy gray.

Crofton, MD
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