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Window on the World

March 30th, 2011 (No Comments)

Window on the World is a great tool when studying geography. It opens one’s eyes too the different cultures, religions, and (my personal favorite) ways to pray for them using beautiful graphics and helpful facts! I’ve loved how it ushers children to look at the world with compassion, and helps them better understand (and see) […]


Learning With The Movies

March 25th, 2011 (No Comments)

Excellent resource! It took me several years to actually purchase this (Learning with the Movies)…I wasn’t sure that I could justify the price.  Wow!  I’m so glad I did!  We’ve used it over and over again in selecting movies to accompany our studies.  I keep it in our van, in a large ziplock (to protect […]



March 24th, 2011 (No Comments)

Helpful with geography memorization My 6 and 4 year-olds have both done the Asia and Europe puzzles. The six year old does it in no time at all and the 4 year old takes her time but gets through it as well. They are both in Classical Conversations where they need to memorize 165 points […]


Teaching Textbook Math 5

March 23rd, 2011 (No Comments)

Wonderful!! My son and I love it! We bought this (Teaching Textbook Math 5) for our eight year old son who was spending 3 hours a day doing 3rd grade Horizons Math. We just bought it about two months ago and he is half way through with it already! He loves it and so do […]


Beleduc Lacing Beads for Little Ones

March 21st, 2011 (No Comments)

I purchased a few products that would work well with my, at the time, 19 month old and 3 year old.  One of those products were Beleduc Lacing Beads.  With just a little help finding the hole, even the 19 month old can lace a bead and pull the lace through.  We talk about the […]


Primary Science Set by Learning Resources

March 18th, 2011 (No Comments)

We purchased the Primary Science Set as a Christmas git for our 4 year old, and she has had a blast with it.  She is able to gather the supplies and do the experiments with help from us.  The goggles are perfect, and the big tweezers are easy for her to use.  I wish there […]


Crocky Crocky – Flik Flak Childrens Watch

March 17th, 2011 (No Comments)

We purchased this watch (Crocky Crocky – Flik Flak Childrens Watch) for our youngest son as his very first watch. He was just learning to tell time and we thought that the added detail might be helpful. I also appreciated the fact that it’s water-resistant and washable. The quality is obvious and excellent, and our […]


SepToys Design Blocks 32 Piece Set

March 15th, 2011 (No Comments)

I saw this (SepToys Design Blocks) in the Timberdoodle catalog and decided to add it to our repertoire of thinking skilly activivities.  Smart choice!  Our oldest (17) has some challenges with visual-spatial skills and this is proving helpful  I have this assigned to each of our children 1-2 times per week.  To them, it’s not […]