Max Axiom Graphic Science Set of 15

Max Axiom Graphic Science Set of 15

Excellent books-Kids love them (so do we!)

My kids just love these books (Max Axiom Graphic Science Set of 15)! The information contained in them is more in-depth than you may think for a graphic book. Real scientists were consulted and it shows. It is presented in an engaging yet thorough format. I was not a fan of graphic books before this purchase so I am amazed at how much I have enjoyed these. We are creationists so please note that on pgs 8,9,11&16 of the Earthquakes book there are small references to millions of years as well as the Volcanoes book on pgs 11,13&21and Magnetism pg 17. The other 12 books had no mention of millions of years. These references are small and easy to line through without disrupting the flow of the text and can be used as an opportunity to point out differences in understanding. I wouldn’t let those minor mentions keep you from purchasing what truly are fun and informative books your kids are sure to enjoy! You may even find yourself to be ‘scientifically refreshed’ as well!


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