Much better than I expected!

We got this for our 4-year-old daughter, and it has been used so much! She loves to make letters with it, although it bothers her a little that she can’t really do curves. However, she is happy just doing pointy letters with it, as well as using it in many other ways. Her baby brother also loves to manipulate it. What is it that makes this little plastic object so fascinating? I’m not quite sure, but it is definitely a hit around here. It can be made into many different shapes, and is also a great toy for the car. One thing I especially like about it is the way it has allowed my daughter to grasp some of the directionality of letters. She figured out by using the Purpllinker how N and Z, M and W, etc., are the same shape, just turned different ways.

By Tricia
from Goreville, IL
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