Typing Instructor for KIDS Platinum 5.0 Windows

This (Typing Instructor for KIDS Platinum 5.0 Windows) is a nice, varied program that keeps my ADHD daughter's interest. She has done well learning where the keys are and how to position her hands. The two major drawbacks to Read more

Morphology Junior Game

Great family game! This is a great game for families--it's fun and challenging for all ages. The rule adaptations from the "original" Morphology are well-designed to make play easier for the younger kids, but it keeps the quirky/crazy feel. PROS Creative Hands-on Quirky Unique   BEST USES Creative Read more


Much better than I expected! We got this for our 4-year-old daughter, and it has been used so much! She loves to make letters with it, although it bothers her a little that she can't really do curves. However, she Read more

Anaconda deserves a 10 star rating!

As a former home school parent, I've been familiar with Timberdoodle for years. As a classroom teacher in public and private schools, when I needed quality, "thinking" games and activities for my classroom students, I continued to turn to Read more

The Usborne Sticker Dressing Knights

What child wouldn't love this! A sticker book about knights! My daughter loves this book. She is all about. Princesses, princes, knights and castles so this book was right up her alley! When we are through with it, it Read more

For The Homeschool Dad

Gibbon Funline Slackline

Gibbon Funline Slackline

Ok, we bought this for Dad, for Father’s Day. Dad cannot balance on it yet, but the kids can. Everyone at the park thought the slackline was so cool. The local college students are all over it. My high schoolers feel like they have the latest, coolest gadget. And my little ones are learning to keep trying and not give up. The Gibbon Slackline has given us one more reason to be outside and physically active.

Virginia from Greenville, IL
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EDTOY MagnaMobiles Construction Set

EDTOY MagnaMobiles Construction Set

A great way to use

When I first saw this set (EDTOY MagnaMobiles Construction Set), I knew that I had to order it for my 3 year old son who loves vehicles. I gave them to my son for Christmas and they were a hit. He loves playing with them and trying to create different vehicles. They were such a hit, that I ordered the second set for his birthday, Christmas day. I love that the magnets stick the pieces together while playing, but are not at all difficult for him to remove and change. These vehicles will be played with for some time to come and have been played with daily since received on Christmas Day.

D. Forman
Decatur, GA
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The Adventures of Tintin: Volume 1

The Adventures of Tintin: Volume 1

I love Tintin because my reluctant reader read this book a few years ago and finally decided that reading was fun!  That alone makes this book worth it’s weight in gold!

I would especially recommend this book for boys, and for anyone who is struggling with reading.  The pictures help the reader who might not be able to comprehend all the words.  My son treasures his Tintin copies and has told his friends about them.  I think it’s nice that these stories are not watered down or “babyish” and they are exciting to read.

My son cautions that there is some drinking of alcoholic beverages in these stories but it is not encouraged by Tintin, the main character, but rather seen as a negative thing.

Vicki H.
Bentonville, AR

Timberdoodle carries a fully library of Tintin graphics novels!

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Camelot Junior

Camelot Junior

A good toy for all ages

Camelot Junior is very popular in our house. I bought it for my 4 year old so that he’d have something fun to do during school time, but my older boys (ages 7 and 8) like to play it, too. I like it, too, and will frequently turn to the more difficult puzzles in the back as I’m setting it out or cleaning it up to see if I can do them. Younger children (5 and younger) will need some help to do more than the first few puzzles, but it’s a high quality toy that can be enjoyed in many ways. My 4 year old will often start just playing with the blocks as he desires, and I can let him because the wooden blocks aren’t going to get worn our or lost like the small, plastic pieces in some other games. I also think it’s silly that the princess sometimes rescues the knight. My boys just always send the knight to rescue the princess.

Denton, TX
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Thinking Putty: A GREAT Find!

Heat Sensitive Thinking Putty

I discovered Thinking Putty just a few weeks ago & ALL three of my kids (ages 10-18) LOVE it. My oldest son is 18 & uses it to keep his hands busy as he studies for College CLEP exams! My youngest son, 10, loves to play with it while I’m reading allowed. Who am I , kidding he JUST loves to play with it anytime! I just bought one to check it out, but he wants to spend his OWN money & buy his own! He has renamed it his “Study Putty.” :) I’m also planning to order a few more to use in our church Children’s Ministry. I think it will be great for those kids who just can’t sit still through a lesson! I’m SO glad I stumbled on Thinking Putty while browsing the Timberdoodle site & would definitely recommend purchasing it!

Kissimmee, FL
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Handy Dad – Dads Use Their Skills to Engage Their Children

Handy Dad - Dads Use Their Skills to Engage Their Children

Bought as a gift – now my kids want it too!

We recently purchased this (Handy Dad) as a gift for a friend getting married and “inheriting” an 11-yr old son in the process. When it arrived, we thought it a wonderful purchase that will fit them well, as both like to do projects together. It appears that the projects are simple, the instructions adequate and clear, and the ideas very interesting, so much so that the kids spent more time looking at the book before we wrapped it than we parents did. Ideas are grouped as Easy, Afternoon, or Weekend, and include things like a lava lamp, tie dye, a tire swing, a dollhouse, a zip line, a slip-n-slide, and a circus tent. What a variety! We gave it 4-stars based on our perception, and opted to not do 5 since we actually hadn’t tried any of the projects and don’t know how well they actually work.

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Manners Made Easy for the Family

Manners Made Easy for the Family

Impacting my 4 year old

Manners Made Easy for the Family has been just that for us.  We began when my youngest was only 4 years old and he has remembered amazingly well.  He is often the first to answer questions about previous lessons.  The fun roll playing exercises after some of the lessons may be a bit silly and giggly at first, but it gives the children the practice to solidify the manner in their memories.  The short lessons as well as the small 6 3/4″ x 4 1/2″ size make it ideal for the living room end table.  It is a fast pick up when you have a few minutes.  The topics cover a wide range of manners including church manners.  I highly recommend this book as a painless way to teach manners to the whole family.

Havre, MT
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Daily Geography Grade 1

Daily Geography Grade 1


I sure wish I found this (Daily Geography Grade 1) a few years back! I have tried to create my own geography lessons and wasted so much time and money. This book is simple, to the point and FUN to do. My kids look forward to it and so I have them do it at free time since they constantly want and ask to do it. I love how they start simple and use a bedroom floor plan (the kids really understood) and it goes from there.I am having so much fun re-learning with them. No fluff! Love, love, love it.

Mrs. Brian Nottingham
Alliance, OH
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Tolo Shape Sorter Play Bench

Tolo Shape Sorter Play Bench

I received this set a few weeks ago for our children, ages 7, 5, 3 and 10 months old.  It has been a perfect fit for our young family!

The older kids enjoy the play bench as much as the little ones do!  It’s great to watch them teach their younger siblings colors and shapes as they all play together.

Our three-old son LOVES the hammer!  He can work with his tools just like Daddy.  :)  Since the hammer is attached to the play bench by a cord, we don’t have to worry about it getting misplaced.

At 10-months old, our little guy enjoys shaking the rattley shapes more than anything!  The shapes are bright and colorful, just a tad noisy, and the perect size for his chubby little hands.

The Tolo Shape Sorter Play Bench is an all around favorite at our house!

Kristy from Saginaw, TX
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Everyday Battles – Wonderful Family Book!

Everyday Battles

This book reminds you to keep your focus on God and your relationship with Him in the midst of the Everyday Battles we all encounter. I have just finished reading through this book myself, and I am looking forward to reading it aloud to my family as we have all (girls included) enjoyed Bob Schultz’s previous books. With many more humorous and memorable examples along with great applications of spiritual truth, this book will be among the treasured ones on our bookshelves.

T Blackstad
Shelton, WA
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