Typing Instructor for KIDS Platinum 5.0 Windows

This (Typing Instructor for KIDS Platinum 5.0 Windows) is a nice, varied program that keeps my ADHD daughter's interest. She has done well learning where the keys are and how to position her hands. The two major drawbacks to Read more

Morphology Junior Game

Great family game! This is a great game for families--it's fun and challenging for all ages. The rule adaptations from the "original" Morphology are well-designed to make play easier for the younger kids, but it keeps the quirky/crazy feel. PROS Creative Hands-on Quirky Unique   BEST USES Creative Read more


Much better than I expected! We got this for our 4-year-old daughter, and it has been used so much! She loves to make letters with it, although it bothers her a little that she can't really do curves. However, she Read more

Anaconda deserves a 10 star rating!

As a former home school parent, I've been familiar with Timberdoodle for years. As a classroom teacher in public and private schools, when I needed quality, "thinking" games and activities for my classroom students, I continued to turn to Read more

The Usborne Sticker Dressing Knights

What child wouldn't love this! A sticker book about knights! My daughter loves this book. She is all about. Princesses, princes, knights and castles so this book was right up her alley! When we are through with it, it Read more


ReCon 6.0 Programmable Rover

ReCon 6.0 Programmable Rover

Great Product for Hand On Learners

We purchased this robot for our 10 yr. old son as a Christmas gift. He loved it and still does. In no time at all, he had it delivering cokes to his Dad, dancing, & all sorts of things. He loves the recording feature on it so that he can make it talk and respond to people. As a homeschooling Mom, I love the educational aspects of it. While he is “playing” he is learning computer programming skills, math, critical thinking, creative thinking, & much more. I also like that it is a very durable product. Our son is all boy; active, rough, & tough; and this robot has stood the test with him. Great product, Timberdoodle!!

By MomOf4
from Reagan, TN
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OLLO Action Kit

OLLO Action Kit

Perfect for the Curious Budding Engineer!

This OLLO Action Kit was a great challenge for my curious 7 year old daughter. It did require my assistance in the beginning, but as she got the hang of the system, she loved figuring out how to build all of the variations in the designs. Additionally, the battery operated features brought her great satisfaction in completion. Caution – there are very small parts included in this set. Construction takes steady, patient hands and a willingness to endure through a challenge! Well worth the effort to build!

Euless, TX
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Electronic Snap Circuits Pro Kit

Electronic Snap Circuits Pro Kit

Really slick, works with younger children, too!

When my husband told me to order this (Electronic Snap Circuits Pro Kit) and the guides for our 6 and 4 yo girls for Christmas, I had my doubts. Our 6yo has been wanting to learn about electricity, so we’ve turned this into a unit study. I wanted to share what we’re doing. We DO NOT turn them loose with this – many small parts, we have babies. I’m a member of ABCTeach.com, and there’s lots of great pages on there to use. Although both of our oldest can read well, I read the info from the study guide to them and we discuss it, then we do the project. We have discussed things like electrical tape, plug safety, house wiring, atoms, etc…. I let the 6yo read and follow the directions on her own after we’ve done the project as a family. When we were discussing electrical safety around water, my husband pulled out the kit and used it to demonstrate how water can conduct electricity, using the water alarm project – GREAT visual! This is a product we can see growing with and using over many years! Highly recommended!

Sylvania, GA
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Ollo Explorer Robot Kit

Ollo Explorer Robot Kit

Ollo Explorer Robot Kit

After seeing some great YouTube videos and visiting the Robotis website, I decided to order the Ollo Explorer kit.

I’m really glad that I did – this really is a great robot building set!  There is a wide variety of colorful and well made plastic parts that connect together easily with little rivets.

The robots are small – most of them can fit in the palm of your hand.  There are addition parts to expand your kit, but most of them are not available in the USA yet.

The computer comes preprogrammed for 7 or 8 of the models, but you can easily create and download your own programs with the included RoboPlus software.

The computer is only about 1.5 x 1.5 x .5 inches, runs on 2 AA Batteries, and is packed with features: IR, Sound, Motor Ports, Communications, etc.

I am an adult hobbyist and I enjoyed building one of the walking models called the “Lady Bug”.  If you or your children enjoy Lego, K’NEX, or other construction sets, you will enjoy this one too!

Independence, MO
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Electronic 500 in 1 Lab

Complete electronics course for your teen

Complete electronics course for your teen

We were really excited to get this, until we tried to use it. The holes in the motherboard (I think that’s what it is called) were too close together and it made it very difficult to use.

Dimondale, MI
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