Typing Instructor for KIDS Platinum 5.0 Windows

This (Typing Instructor for KIDS Platinum 5.0 Windows) is a nice, varied program that keeps my ADHD daughter's interest. She has done well learning where the keys are and how to position her hands. The two major drawbacks to Read more

Morphology Junior Game

Great family game! This is a great game for families--it's fun and challenging for all ages. The rule adaptations from the "original" Morphology are well-designed to make play easier for the younger kids, but it keeps the quirky/crazy feel. PROS Creative Hands-on Quirky Unique   BEST USES Creative Read more


Much better than I expected! We got this for our 4-year-old daughter, and it has been used so much! She loves to make letters with it, although it bothers her a little that she can't really do curves. However, she Read more

Anaconda deserves a 10 star rating!

As a former home school parent, I've been familiar with Timberdoodle for years. As a classroom teacher in public and private schools, when I needed quality, "thinking" games and activities for my classroom students, I continued to turn to Read more

The Usborne Sticker Dressing Knights

What child wouldn't love this! A sticker book about knights! My daughter loves this book. She is all about. Princesses, princes, knights and castles so this book was right up her alley! When we are through with it, it Read more

special needs

Kid-O A to Z Magnatab Magnetic Writing Tablet

Resource for Special Needs

Our 5yo son has Down syndrome. This has been a wonderful resource to assist with learning handwriting. He really struggles with pencil grip because of low muscle tone in his hands. Anything we can do to get him interesting in holding a writing implement is key! And, what child doesn’t love magnets? A wonderful tool and fun “toy” for any child!

By Emily S.
from Windsor, CA
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Kid-O A to Z Magnatab Magnetic Writing Tablet

Kid-O A to Z Magnatab Magnetic Writing Tablet

Great for learning handwriting

The Magnatab is fun to use. Yes, I’m an adult and yes, I can write letters. But, there is just something about those little balls popping up when you trace the letters.
Ok, I really purchased this along with the lowercase and numbers Magnatab for my son with Down syndrome. He also likes watching the little balls make the letter or number when he traces it.
These are great for special needs children or stress relief for mom.

Michelle S.
from Defiance, OH


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miniLUK Starter Pack

miniLUK Starter Pack

This (miniLUK Starter Pack) came with our first grade package for my 7yr old, but my autistic 5yr has claimed it as his. He absolutely loves these MiniLuk games. Once he figured out how the game worked he proceeded to sit down and work thru an entire book, which is a rarity for us. For those of us with special needs kids finding something they really enjoy is such a special moment. Had it not come with the curriculum package we would of never known about it. Thanks much!

Pembine, WI
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Special Inchimals Review

Inchimals by Fat Brain Toys

I just rec’d an order from you, which included Inchimals. Let me tell you a little about why I am so impressed…….

I’m the mother of 8, with 6 still at home. I homeschool my children, and 4 of them happen to have Down syndrome. Jenessa, my 10 yr old (with DS) is a whiz on the calculator, but has a hard time understanding how/why numbers added together equal another number. She can add 38 + 99 on her calculator and give you the correct answer, but it really has no concrete meaning for her. After playing with Inchimals just once, I actually saw that she was UNDERSTANDING the addition concept, the “why” and “how,” and I was blown away by how quickly she picked it up!! WHAT AN AWESOME GAME!!! I can’t wait to play it more, and introduce it to my younger children. I think it’s going to help all of them grasp concepts that have alluded them for so long.

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Bubber – Picture Review

Playing with Bubber

My 6 yr old daughter loves playing with Bubber. My daughter has Down syndrome which causes low-muscle tone so fine-motor activities can be difficult for her. With the light, soft texture she is able to easily manipulate the product. She is able to use the spoon knife and cut clean lines right through Bubber with no problems. It is also gluten-free which is a bonus since my daughter also has Celiac disease.


Timberdoodle has many hands-on learning tools that will make homeschooling any child a delight!

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Signing Time – At 4 years of age now, she is so far advanced…

Signing Time

Signing Time

We began using the Signing Time video series when our daughter with Down Syndrome was only one.  She is the 9th of our 11 children.  Previous to that, we knew no sign language.  We had heard that teaching little ones with Downs to sign could bridge the gap between their desire to communicate, and their ability to communicate verbally.  To say that we were amazed would be an understatement!!  She wasn’t “retarded” as society would have you believe.  She just didn’t have the means to “get it out” in a way that we would have been  able to understand without the sign language.  She knew 100’s of signs (this is no exaggeration) before she turned 2 years of age, and we never experienced screaming, etc that we had heard about, that we are now sure must come from the frustration that they feel at not being able to “talk” to those around them.    We constantly have “professionals” come up to us when we are out in public, and they can’t believe that at only 4 years of age now that she is so far advanced to the adults that they are currently working with.  It truly has been a gift from God!    The videos were created for children to learn with no help from the adults whatsoever.  Even a deaf child could learn to sign as they use the multi-sensory approach in the videos.  Our entire family has learned to sign by watching these fun videos.  This is the only resource, other than a couple of signing dictionaries, that we have used.  It is that good, and that comprehensive.   We can’t say enough to praise this product!  Words can’t express how much it means to be able to have access into the heart and mind of our daughter, something that we didn’t know if we’d have when we first learned of her condition.

5 stars

Scott & Annette C.
Waukesha, WI
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