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Put Spelling On Your Homeschool List For Today!

Oct 27, 2009 1 Comment by

This audio clip of a 911 call , although its authenticity may be arguable, none-the-less should give you a chuckle and may even help you finally bring the spelling books out of storage for a bit more practice today…

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Reviews By and For Families Like Yours!!!

Oct 21, 2009 1 Comment by

We are delighted to pass on to you these reviews of Bubber, reviewed for us by families like yours! In these reviews you have the chance to read real-life families’ thoughts on Bubber!! What more could you wish to know? Mama Buzz Girls To Grow This Crazy Thing Called Motherhood Just A Bunch Of Characters […]

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Age Appropriate Chores

Oct 12, 2009 No Comments by

Since about the time we could toddle Mom began assigning us chores, and due to Mom’s early expectations and delegation talents we grew up with an expectation that we always would have jobs to complete and responsibilities to manage. If your homeschooled children are still quite young and you are looking ahead for how to […]

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The Duggar Family

Oct 05, 2009 No Comments

A recent interview with homeschoolers Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar discussing such topics as: will they have more children, what they will name the new baby, how they respond to critics and much more. I appreciated the flavor of this article in which, while the Duggars love their many children, they are quick to acknowledge […]

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