Which Is More Tragic?

A Doctor’s license is lost over an “unsuccessful” abortion where the “wrong twin fetus” was aborted. And as Albert Mohler so wisely points out, “What is the real scandal here — that this doctor was ready to kill a baby with Down syndrome, or merely that he aborted ‘the wrong baby’?”

If your children are mature enough to handle this information, this is an opportune time to work this story through with them, help them decipher where this whole tragedy begins and where it will inevitably lead.

Read Albert Mohler’s Article Here.

Hope D.

Hope D.


  1. My heart is so heavy…………….. please pray

  2. Lets leave this decision to the parents and yourselves. Don’t try to enforce your views on other people. Let people live their own lives just as you would also like to do. Lets move on to more important problems as god knows there are many.

  3. @ The Almighty…obviously you know nothing about God the Almighty. He knows everything about you, even to the number of hairs on your head, while you were yet in your mother’s womb. I find your post very sad and disturbing. It shows you are a child of satan, the god of this world. The one true living God has a capitol “G”, and there is NOTHING more important than Him and His creation. I’m sure he is angry every time the blood thirsty doctors destroy one of his creations. ABORTION IS SIMPLY MURDER FOR PROFIT!

  4. @Terri McDonnell: AMEN!! Couldn’t have said that better myself. It is so refreshing to see intelligent comments like yours, not just liberal “do whatever you want” rhetoric!!!

  5. I have two boys with Down syndrome and they have been nothing but a blessing to our family.

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