How Do You Schedule Homeschooling?

Timberdoodle has often heard the question, “how do you schedule homeschooling?” and while many families do it differently we thought we would share what worked well for our family. Our philosophy has been that the sooner a child can learn how to learn the easier homeschooling becomes. (For more on this see Why Timberdoodle Encourages […]


Preparing Your Toddler for Homeschool

1) Keep it fun! Your goal is productive learning and that can be accomplished through many fun methods. But if your child is not easily making the transition into being required to accomplish something, don’t hesitate to bring out some motivators. A couple of ideas we’ve used are: A) Make a chore board of all […]


Who Is Timberdoodle?

This fast-paced overview of Timberdoodle allows us to introduce you to part of our crew as they explain everything from how we started in 1985 to what our 120 day/120% price guarantee means. Whether you are new to homeschooling or have been ordering from us for years, kick back, relax and enjoy this special edition […]