2008 – Disasters On The Road

It all started innocently enough. Timberdoodle was invited to purchase booth space at a California homeschool convention. During the past 2 years we had been easing our way back into the local homeschool conference/convention scene and decided to go for it. Conference preparation went smoothly and we pulled out nearly on-schedule Tuesday morning. The trailer was packed full of inventory and heavy shelving, and we were pulling it all with our best towing vehicle at the time, an older Ford van. Just after noon we were a little way from Medford, Oregon when one of the trailer tires totally shredded. […]


2007 – Homeschool Firefighters?

You may remember that Abel wanted to be a firefighter from toddlerhood. At age 18 he joined as a volunteer firefighter and soon was enrolled in classes and running calls. The more he did, the more he came home and talked about his experiences, and the more he tried to persuade us to join too. To make a long story short, two of my sisters and I joined the fire department in 2007, (Pearl wasn’t old enough yet) and in the fall we began EMT class. Abel has since worked a couple summers as a temporary hire for the department, […]


Krissy, Our Introduction To Autism

Krissy is the daughter of dear friends of ours and was diagnosed with autism at age 2. Despite participation in various early interventions through the public school system, she made agonizingly slow progress. At 5 years old, she finally began to talk, and at 6 had developed a large vocabulary of words, but had very limited communication skills. For instance, if she wanted a banana, she did not know to come ask for one. Instead if you asked her, “Do you want a banana?” she would echo, “banana” if she did want it, or be silent if she didn’t. Occasionally […]


2005 – Disclaimer

Quoted from the Timberdoodle Catalog, Summer 2005

Our children have teasingly suggested that Timberdoodle Co ought to run a disclaimer, akin to car and medicine ads, so here it is:
Nearly every product Timberdoodle Co sells has been thoroughly tested by one or more of our children and in all cases fulfilled the claim of the product. However, using the products in no way guarantees that said children have retained such knowledge for a lifetime. While they have all appreciated these products over others that were tried (but failed to pass the Timberdoodle Co criterion), they do not want others to suppose that they are bilingual, artistic, mechanical engineers. By God’s grace, they do love the Lord, and for that we are thankful!



2004 – Teaching Textbooks

Do you wish you could do math over again? I do, and it is not that I particularly struggled with math, but I never mastered it and instead just got by with doing the minimum. I think if I’d had Teaching Textbooks as a student, it would have made all the difference, and in reading your reviews, I see that MANY of you agree! In retrospect, adding Teaching Textbooks to our curriculum smorgasbord was the biggest event of 2004. It has played a key part in our curriculum recommendations and our own family’s math program (for those not yet graduated) […]

reluctant reader

6 Questions To Help Pinpoint Why You Have A Reluctant Reader

“My 7-year-old is still not reading at the level I keep thinking she needs to.” “My 14-year-old has been taught phonics but is having a very difficult time with applying the rules to spelling words and reading is slow–he will see a difficult word and just say something. I really think that he is being a very lazy reader” This is a common concern, and one that is very understandable. After all, the single most important educational skill your child will learn is reading, and a student who loves to read will find he has a tremendous advantage in every […]


2003 – Credit Cards, Blessing or Curse?

This letter is reprinted from our Fall 2003 Catalog: Dear Friends, Mail order has changed dramatically over the last 10 years. While we were never able to make the promised millions-at-home-while-wearing-your-pajamas, it has put food on the table, given our children honest labor and even allowed us to hire a handful of exceptional personnel. But as paper costs and postal rates continue to climb and internet sites proliferate, it becomes increasingly difficult to compete on a level playing field. As long as the Lord allows, we will continue to send out a paper catalog, but we encourage you to also […]


Taking Care Of Grammy

Grammy with the bottle-fed goat kid an employee brought to work here at Timberdoodle. Like all businesses, Timberdoodle had to work harder in 2002 than we had in a long time. God was gracious though, and time and time again we saw Him at work. In August we were even able to take Grandma and Grandpa up to Alaska, where they had wanted to visit for years and years. This was even more of a blessing to them because they were taking care of Grandpa’s Mom, Grammy. While this was truly an amazing blessing for all of us, it was […]


2001 – The Saga of Solid Rock Farm

You may be wondering what our mini-farm has to do with Timberdoodle. A lot, actually! Solid Rock Farm was completely funded by Timberdoodle through the paychecks of us 5 kids. In addition to putting money toward clothes, gifts, tithe, treats, savings and more, we also agreed to put a certain portion of each paycheck into a group account, designated for Solid Rock Farm. Solid Rock Farm was originally founded with the planting of fruit trees. But since our family has always enjoyed animals we attempted to raise many different critters through the years. We started with Haflinger horses, and expanded […]


What’s Growing at Solid Rock Farm?

reprinted from a Timberdoodle catalog I wish I could say that when we settled on a name for our farmette that it was strictly ‘spiritual’ in nature. On Christ the solid rock we do stand, but our farm name was the result of a more literal bent. Our acreage is, for the most part, glacial till. Translated, that means that we are situated on a gravel pit, with just enough soil to make it interesting. To get anything to grow here we need to dig a large hole, removing the ‘native’ soil, and replacing it with topsoil enriched with mushroom […]