Career Prep for Homeschooled High School Students

Career Planning for Your Homeschooled High School Students, 9 Tips and Thoughts

A GED Isn’t Worst Case! In our family, a GED defines graduation and not a diploma. I know that most people hear “I have a GED.” and think dropout, unwed mother, or possibly “did time.” But before you become too alarmed, keep in mind that we look at things from an employer’s point of view. In our experience a high school diploma primarily means that the young person did their time in class. While showing up is important, it is just the beginning of what we expect from our employees! A GED requires some basic proficiencies in math, writing and […]

Using Timberdoodle Complete Curriculum Kits with Multiple Kids

Timberdoodle Curriculum Packages For Multiple Ages?

Is it possible to get my 1st, 3rd, and 5th graders on a stream-lined program so that they are sharing several subjects? I also have a very bright and VERY busy K3 at home. Teaching all four this year seems daunting!! I appreciate any help you can offer! Jennifer   This is a great question! The short answer is absolutely! We really encourage families to consider combining history and science wherever possible, as well as spelling. That said, here is how I would combine those things: History In your case, I would suggest Story of the World 1 to start […]


Timberdoodle Complete Curriculum Kits Vs. Sonlight’s Curriculum Packages

…I feel silly asking you this, because of course you are a Timberdoodle supporter :-). but can you give me any thoughts about trying to choose between Timberdoodle and Sonlight? 🙂 Michele I’m happy to give you my perspective, though of course I know our curriculum much better than I know theirs, so you’ll want to keep that in mind! We actually like Sonlight, and have friends using it. It isn’t for all families though, particularly with its cost and the extensive reading required. If you have used Sonlight in the past, my first question would be just to ask […]

Grandpa Deffinbaugh

A Poem From Our Grandpa

Happy National Poetry Month!   Today we share with you one of our Grandpa’s poems, Sunset at Sea. This poem was one of several of his poems read at his 90th birthday celebration several weeks ago. It was written about the time Grandpa first started writing poetry, while he was in the Navy during World War 2. In time, it became a tradition for Grandpa to compose a poem for each grandchild and great-grandchild on their birthday. Over the years, Grandpa has composed scores of poems, with topics from garage sales, to Christmas, to a visit to the dentist!   […]

a very good question for Timberdoodle

I’m looking for the very best curriculum for my dyslexic son…

I’m looking for the very best curriculum for my dyslexic son. He is going into the 4th grade. He doesn’t read on grade level so I’ve been reading everythng to him. Please let me know what you have to offer. Thank you, Resa Before I answer your question specifically, I have to mention that we have been very impressed with a local OVD (I think that is the right acronym), a doctor who specializes in vision therapy and addressing some of the root causes of dyslexia and other issues. I know you are not anywhere near local, but the video […]