Career Prep for Homeschooled High School Students

Career Planning for Your Homeschooled High School Students, 9 Tips and Thoughts

A GED Isn’t Worst Case! In our family, a GED defines graduation and not a diploma. I know that most people hear “I have a GED.” and think dropout, unwed mother, or possibly “did time.” But before you become too alarmed, keep in mind that we look at things from an employer’s point of view. […]


Timberdoodle Complete Curriculum Kits Vs. Sonlight’s Curriculum Packages

…I feel silly asking you this, because of course you are a Timberdoodle supporter :-). but can you give me any thoughts about trying to choose between Timberdoodle and Sonlight? Michele I’m happy to give you my perspective, though of course I know our curriculum much better than I know theirs, so you’ll want to […]

Grandpa Deffinbaugh

A Poem From Our Grandpa

Happy National Poetry Month!   Today we share with you one of our Grandpa’s poems, Sunset at Sea. This poem was one of several of his poems read at his 90th birthday celebration several weeks ago. It was written about the time Grandpa first started writing poetry, while he was in the Navy during World […]