Your First Year of Homeschooling

Whether you’re just beginning to consider homeschooling or you’re finally ready to get started after years of preparation, let us be the first to congratulate you and welcome you to the wonderful world of homeschooling! It isn’t uncommon to get an email asking where a new homeschooler should start. Here are our best tips, tricks and random thoughts for you, in hopes that some will prove helpful to you! 1] Free Catalogs Browsing online is awesome, but sometimes it is just helpful to be able to flip through a catalog, carry it with you to read in the waiting room, […]


Home Schooling or Home Educating?

I hate schoolwork. I love to learn, but I hate inapplicable learning. I’ll never forget the time Dan insisted on showing me some process involving trouble-shooting a computer program I had never used and thought I would never use. I really did not want to watch and was quite vocal in declining, but Dan urged me to learn, “just in case…” I wish I could say that I submissively observed, got caught up in the process, and have now expanded my credentials to include the title Computer Programmer. In reality, I stood behind Dan to watch, my eyes glazed over […]

How to Pick a Homeschool Curriculum

How to Pick a Curriculum

Some years ago, when we had only three children and traveling was more thinkable, we attended a number of home education workshops and conventions. It was at one of these conventions that a fellow vendor, but not fellow home educator, made the following comment: “Homeschoolers are a fickle bunch. They buy what is new, and are suckers for any fad that comes along.” He shared this in a lip- smacking sort of way, his eye on the dollars to be made. We, on the other hand, as home educators, were not very happy about his assessment and began pondering a […]

Mother's Day

Our Mother’s Day gift to Mom

  Our mom is hard to shop for. She doesn’t like flowers, and she is determined to eat healthily, so a box of chocolates wouldn’t be a blessing for her. What else can we do for Mother’s Day? Breakfast in bed? No. A day shopping? No, she doesn’t enjoy shopping. A cleaning supply, such as a vacuum? No, if we need one, she will research and purchase it herself. So then, what are we to do? Thankfully, we can just ask Mom what she wants (after all, she doesn’t like surprises). She requests hours. Back in the good old days, […]