What Has Changed in Sequential Spelling Version 2?

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In just a matter of days Timberdoodle will be receiving the new revised Sequential Spelling Level 1 Teacher Manual and Workbook. (Levels 2 through 7 will stay the same for now, with new versions of those levels phasing in over the next several months or so).

The really good news about the new Sequential Spelling is that it’s been revised to be much more friendly to the home schooling parent rather than the professional teacher. This will be a blessing to the parents using this program, as it makes an easy-to-use program even easier to use while maintaining all the basic features we’ve always liked in Sequential Spelling. The fundamentals of the program remain unchanged, the word lists are the same, all just easier for mom to utilize!

The only downside to the revision, in our minds, is the extra material added to the Student Workbooks. The core of the workbook remains the same, providing a place to write the 25 words included in each lesson. In the revision, the publisher has added extra activities which they call “fun” but we call “busywork.” We’re sure some parents will appreciate these activities, but when we do spelling we’d rather stick to the essentials, cover the spelling words, and move on with life. But again, this is added material, so there is really nothing lost from the previous edition.

Should You Buy It?
Overall we’re looking forward to offering this easier-to-use version of Sequential Spelling Level 1. However, if you already have the old version, you don’t need to buy the new one. The core of the program, the spelling word lists, have not changed, so your student will get the full benefit out of the program regardless of which version you are using.

Timberdoodle’s Complete Curriculum
We will switch to including the new version in Timberdoodle’s 2nd Grade Complete Curriculum Kit as soon as the new edition arrives here.

Special Sale
Our problem is we still have about 40 copies of the current edition sitting on our shelf, and we’d love to have them gone before the new edition gets here. This is where you can help… and get a great deal in the process! While supplies last we are blowing out our remaining inventory of the old edition of Sequential Spelling 1 at a remarkable closeout price, more than 50 percent below retail. ($10.50 for the bundle at the time of this post!) Click here to take advantage of this opportunity!

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