Transitioning from unschooling to Timberdoodle's curriculum kits

Transitioning from Unschooling to Timberdoodle’s Curriculum

I’m new to your company, and am transitioning from a very unstructured unschooling approach to something more structured. I have an 11-year-old son who is very bright, catches on quickly to things, reads voraciously, but has been unschooled. I’m looking at your complete curriculum packages, and am thinking I might choose the 5th grade package for him . . . but I’m not sure exactly how to make the decision.

Why we pursue independent learning at Timberdoodle

Why Timberdoodle Encourages Independent Learning

I’m wondering, though, about what feels to me like an increasing number of DVD/computer-style resources that “replace” parental involvement (like Sequential Spelling). Yes, homeschooling parents are busy, but isn’t spending time with your kids as they learn a major part of the whole point? What is your perspective on this?
Tricia Groenewold Van Dyk

budget curriculum for a large family

Budget Friendly Curriculum Recommendations for 5 Children

> I am trying to decide on what to use to school my children, their age ranges from 3,6,8,(2)14. I would like to incorporate them into having the same history, but others subjects will have to be on the level. Any recommendations on what we should use, according to our ages, and to keep the cost low. I will need to have extra consumables for my 14yr old, because there are 2, any hints on what extras I will need for those. Monica I’m assuming that you want to cover all the standard subjects, just let me know if you […]