Motivating a Reluctant Learner

This is my 3rd year doing hs w/my son who is 2nd grade (actually 4th if you count preschool)… I am nearly in tears. My son will only work when I am right by his side, even if he already knows how to do the page. He is so smart, yet hates school. It took him an hour to do 1 little lesson of writing in the language lessons book. How do I do this??? Every year the same. But now this year we have added our Kindergarten son who doesn’t have as much work, but is a distraction to […]

Ideas for Supplementing Public School Education

Helping a Child in School Stay at Grade Level

I am not homeschooling my first grader, however, when we lived in Florida she excelled at a A grade level school and is currently enrolled in an F grade level school. I want to make sure I can keep her up to standard (and above standard where necessary) instead of her falling behind and getting lazy. I was wondering if you had/could recommend some supplemental but all inclusive educational materials for us to do together at home… Christen (quoted with permission) I would say that you have three areas to really work with her on. First, areas she’s weak in […]