Ideas for Supplementing Public School Education

Helping a Child in School Stay at Grade Level

I am not homeschooling my first grader, however, when we lived in Florida she excelled at a A grade level school and is currently enrolled in an F grade level school. I want to make sure I can keep her up to standard (and above standard where necessary) instead of her falling behind and getting lazy. I was wondering if you had/could recommend some supplemental but all inclusive educational materials for us to do together at home…
Christen (quoted with permission)

I would say that you have three areas to really work with her on.

First, areas she’s weak in are natural places to strengthen and supplement.

Second, areas she is particularly good at are also very important to encourage her to grow in and further develop her talents.

(Those two I can’t really speak to specifically, since I don’t know her needs.)

Third, those areas which are the most important. Thinking Skills tops the list of critical-but-often-overlooked topics, and I would really consider MiniLUK for her – lot of fun and yet all the foundational skills are covered by the time you work through all the activities. (The kit is expandable too, so you don’t have to buy it all at once.)

Reading is down the list only because it would be unusual for you and the school not to be emphasizing it already. Doing all that you can to help her enjoy and excel at reading will make her entire educational career easy and fun for her. The local library is usually a terrific resource for this.

Joy D.

Joy D.

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