2011 Timberdoodle Gift Guide

2011 Gift Guide – Timberdoodle Homeschool Vodcast

Timberdoodle is delighted to announce our first ever gift guide! In it you’ll discover both our most popular customer favorites and our most exciting new finds in a single guide that will help you with your gift decisions. Watch for it in your mailbox any day now – we’d love to hear when you get yours! Not yet signed up? No problem, just click over to our free Gift guide request here, and we’ll get it right out to you. As a limited edition print run, we have very limited supplies, so if you’re interested, ask now! You may also […]

Timberdoodle Gift Guide Models 2011

Meet the Models!

Meet the models from our Fall 2011 Photo Shoot! We were delighted to have so many children work with us on the production of our 2011 Gift Guide, some new faces and many familiar ones. (Due to the size limitations of the gift guide we weren’t able to bring back all of the fantastic models who had worked with us in the past.) So, it is with much excitement that we introduce to you: Brothers Judah, Cohen, & Jax Judah, age 5 What would be the coolest pet to own? What would you name it? “An ostrich. I would name […]

Krissy just after swimming in the lake

Autism Related Links

Reposted from a 2006 (?) article. In our search for information on autism, (see Krissy’s Story) we have discovered a few websites that have been very helpful for us and we are eager to share them with you. While we do not agree with everything said on any one of these sites, we hope that some of these will be as helpful for you as they have been for us. www.firstsigns.org First Signs is a good place to find basic information about autism, diagnosis information, and links to numerous other sites, ranging from helpful to useless. The two we think […]

Timberdoodle's hints for eliminating after-homeschooling boredom

Eliminating After (Home)School Boredom

I need some help. I had purchased a few extras to add to our basics for our school year, thinking it would not be too overwhelming for my kids (or me). However, I’m starting to second guess myself. My kids average an hour or two a morning, which I think is plenty for a 5 and 7 yo, but come afternoon they are bored. I am scratching my head trying to figure out what to do! We have logic puzzles, geography puzzles, etc. It tempts them for a couple of days, but then they run out of steam. Any suggestions?? […]