Whatever You’d Like to Win Giveaway

Nov 18, 2011 130 Comments by

Two Winners Each Receive
A $50 Timberdoodle Gift Certificate

Who Won the Drawing?
The winners were: Cynthia Frederick and Juli Guthrie!

If you’re trying to figure out the comments, the question we asked was Assuming you win, will you spend the $50 on curriculum or gifts?

2011 Christmas Facebook Party

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The oldest of the "Timberdoodle children" I now work full time for the company, filling such roles as marketing manager, curriculum adviser, video producer, etc. In my spare time I enjoy reading, babysitting, baking, and volunteering with our local school district, in the church and as an EMT with the fire department.

130 Responses to “Whatever You’d Like to Win Giveaway”

  1. Nichole says:

    Gifts, of course!

  2. Denice says:

    Definitely gifts!! I have a list of them I want for the kids from Timberdoodle!!!

  3. Brodie says:

    Gifts- there are so many fun items this year!

  4. Cynthia says:

    I would spend it probably on gifts.

  5. Gretchen Toy says:

    I would expand my preschool curriculum but use it as Christmas gifts.

  6. Maria Kuhn says:

    I’m planning a big order next week that will include curriculum and gifts. I’d use the certifacate towards my order.

  7. Cindy @ Fenced in Family says:

    Since Christmas is coming, I’d have to get some gifts.

  8. Valeska Raymond says:

    Since I am a curriculum junkie getting curriculum is like receiving a gift LOL :)

  9. Jenni Earleywine says:

    I will have to be the dissenter! I would spend the $$ on curriculum…most likely for my 3 year old soon-to-be preschooler!

  10. Dani says:

    I can’t always separate the two!

  11. Liv says:

    Probably gifts!

  12. Mandy says:

    Gifts! What a blessing it would be! Although I’m not sure how I would choose…

  13. Barrett says:

    Gifts that aid their learning! That’s the best thing about Timberdoodle! You make learning FUN! THank you!

  14. Laurie Poch says:

    Curriculum as gifts. : )

  15. Hope says:

    Gifts — they are in my cart now!

  16. Sarah Porter says:

    I usually get curriculum in the spring with our tax return, so I’d have to spend it on gifts! Perfect timing!

  17. Jessica Moore says:

    curriculum with maybe a gift or two 😉

  18. Marsha says:

    Gifts…after Christmas, I would fill in the gaps with some fun brain teasers and stuff.

  19. Michelle says:

    I wiould gratefully spend it on curriculum.

  20. Heather Bridenstine says:

    I would spend it on gifts for Christmas!

  21. Ashley says:

    Gifts for Christmas!

  22. Eliz says:

    We are a Timberdoodle Family!! This will help us with some of our homeschooling needs!

  23. Phyllis says:

    I’d spend it on gifts… which will help make our curriculum more fun!

  24. Sarah Gentry says:

    My 2yr old never gets curriculum because I have to spend so much on my older son. So I would love to buy some of your awesome toddler stuff!

  25. Cheryl Baranski says:

    Definately gifts, since it is a slim Christmas at out home this year.

  26. Holly Breithaupt says:

    Educational toys for gifts! :)

  27. Penny Clark says:

    Difficult choice! Most likely curriculum. I have three children nearing the end of their math books and they want teaching textbooks like their big brother!

  28. Mary says:

    I would buy a little of both!

  29. Elizabeth says:

    I’ll spend it on something else I entered to win! Not sure which, we’ll have to put it to a family vote!

  30. Missi says:

    Timberdoodle curriculum works as gifts.

  31. Julie says:

    Thankfully we have our curriculum all set for this school year so I would pick out gifts.

  32. Tasha says:

    I’d do gifts, some fun things for the kids instead of just books all the time.

  33. PajamaMama says:

    Gifts, hands down!!

  34. Michelle says:

    Gifts/books/games/curriculum. It’s all good! :)

  35. Danielle says:

    Both! :) curriculum as gifts!

  36. Laura Zurbrugg says:

    Gifts – I have enough curriculum to last another decade!

  37. Lisa Cyr says:

    I would get gifts for a couple of little boys!

  38. Tiffany says:

    Gifts…fun stuff!

  39. Vianey Bement says:

    Gifts definitely! Saw so many wonderful products today.

  40. Jamie Palau says:

    Curriculum and gifts go hand in hand

  41. Tiffany says:

    curriculum, of course :)

  42. Susie D. says:

    hmm, probably curriculum…

  43. Peggy says:

    curriculum as well as gifts

  44. Nancy says:

    Curriculum that FEELS like toys would be the best!

  45. Bridget says:

    I wouldn’t call them “gifts”, let’s say they’re “enrichments”!

  46. Debby says:

    Choices, choices, choices! Probably it’d be gifts, but I might change my mind. I like Nancy’s answer, “Curriculum that FEELS like toys would be the best!”

  47. Name says:

    Gifts! Because the best way to learn is by having fun.

  48. Kathy says:

    Gifts with educational value!

  49. Candice says:

    If I win, I will spend the $50 on preschool curriculum.

  50. Christine Hoffmann says:

    Gifts with educational value most deffinetly!!

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