2011 Christmas Extravaganza Facebook Party Winners

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Thank you all so much for participating!

Drawing Presidents Books Giveaway
The winner of A Kid’s Guide to Drawing the Presidents of the USA set, retail $1060.50 is:
Gina McIsaac

Elisha and Connor Explore the SmartMax Extreme Set

Elisha and Connor Explore the SmartMax Extreme Set

The winner of the SmartMax Extreme Set, retail $200.00:
Michelle (michelle_r911@…)
She answered, What is the funniest thing you’ve seen a child make? with:
My little guys are always doing and making something funny but I cannot think of any particular one so I asked him what the funniest thing he ever made was. He said a silly a face.
He does talk all the time about his skateboard concert. I don’t even know what that means and he doesn’t know how to skateboard (he’s 3) but he has creative one heck of a concert in his head.

2011 Best of Christmas Gifts Showcase: Lightwedge Booklight Giveaway
The winner of one LightWedge Paperback Ocean for each person in their household, retail $24.40 each, is:
Kelly Lescarini

Timberdoodle's Best of 2011 Giveaway
The winner of the Visual Latin Complete Set, retail $120.00 is:
Diane Estrella

The winner of the Body of Evidence 8 DVD Set, retail $119.92 is:
Ivy Parrish

2011 Best of Christmas Gifts Showcase: mini Wedgits class pack
The winner of their pick of any one of three Wedgits sets is:
Julie Bean, and she picked Mini-Wedgits!

Classic Literature Graphic Novels Set of 10 Giveaway
The winner of the
Classic Literature – Graphic Novels Set of 10, retail $99.50 is:

Joanna Matlock

Timberdoodle's Best 2011 Construction sets!
Two winners each won
Engino Mechanical Simple Machines, retail $79.95:

Melanie Tupaj & Theresa Menard

The winner of their THREE favorite games from this collection is:
Denice Gustafson, who picked Day and Night, Alcatraz, and Chicken Shuffle.

The winner of
Chemistry 101, retail $69.95, is:

Deborah Flora

The winner of the innovative
Smart Blocks – Aircraft, a $60 value is:

Tiffany Rogers

The winner of the Magnatab Set of 3 (retails for $57.95) is:
Melinda Olson

Winners of the $50 Timberdoodle Gift Certificates are:
Cynthia Frederick and Juli Guthrie!

2011 Best of Christmas Gifts Showcase: Letraset Aqua Marker sets
The winner of the Letraset Aqua Marker Twin-Tip Set, $48, is:
Jennifer Freeman!

Best of 2011: Djeco Finger Tracks
The Djeco winner received their pick of 4 different art kits and chose Djeco Finger Tracks.
Cassandra Splittgerber says, “I like the way that it gives a little guidance!”

The Morphology Game winner (value of $29.99) is:
Deverie N Jerry Gallegos

The winner of the Air Hunterz Z-Curve Bow, retail $26.99, is:
Shari Sweeney

The 2 winners of Mashoonga Warrior Sabers Sets (retail of $31.95 each) are:

Kelly Waldrep & Shannon Lockwood (And it’s worth checking out the comments on this post. We asked What was your most dangerous childhood game? and have been stunned by the answers. So glad you all survived!

2011 Best of Christmas Gifts Showcase: Holiday Smencils
The Winner of both Smencils Gourmet Scented Pencils 10 Pack, retail $14.99 and Holiday Smencils 5 Pack, retail $6.00, is:
Kristie Wolfe

Timberdoodle's 2011 Book of the Year!
The winner of Timberdoodle’s Best Book of 2011, Long Story Short, retail $19.99, is:
Jennifer Herford

2011 Best of Christmas Gifts Showcase Worst-Case Scenario: Survive-o-Pedia Jr giveaway
The Worst-Case Scenario: Survive-o-Pedia Junior Edition, a value of $16.99, was won by:
Andi Spengler

2011 Best of Christmas Gifts Showcase: Navigation Science

Little Labs: Navigation Science, retail $16.95, was won by:
Vanessa Greenhow

2011 Best of Christmas Gifts Showcase: Brickbrites Motion Activated Brick Lights
The winner of the Brickbrites Motion Activated Brick Lights, retail $14.99, is:
Jana Jones

The winner of the Quicksilver Super Magnetic Thinking Putty with Magnet, retail $14.95, is:
Jim & Heather Volpe

All 8 Soft Shape Puzzles
The Soft Shapes My First Puzzles Planes, Trains and Trucks, retail $12.99, was won by:
Melisa Hills

Christmas Showcase: Poke-A-Dot 10 Little Monkeys Giveaway
The winner of the Poke-A-Dot 10 Little Monkeys, retail $12.99, is:
Crystal Levin

IQ Twist Travel Game Giveaway
The winner of IQ Twist, $8.99 retail, is:
Kay Drenth

2011 Best of Christmas Gifts Showcase: Yamodo Gizmos & Gadgets giveaway
Last but not least, the Yamodo Gizmos & Gadgets, retail $9.99, was won by:
Traci Sanford

Each winner should have received an email from me already, but if you don’t yet have yours I’d love to get an email at joy@Timberdoodle.com with your shipping address so we can get your prize right out.

2011 Christmas Facebook Party

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      Yes, could you email me with your mailing address so I can get it shipped out? I sent you an email, but occasionally those get trapped in a spam filter… Joy

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