How To Make Stop Motion Movies – Kit Giveaway

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Stop Motion Movie Making is a perfect summer activity for your restless ones, and not just because it keeps them busy and out of trouble either! Stop Motion requires planning, attention to detail, problem solving, storytelling and more. Young men who typically find those things difficult are captivated by Stop Motion Animation, and probably have no idea of all that they are learning and the character they are building as they plot out and execute their creations.

Timberdoodle's Stop Motion Giveaway
We’ve sold NR Productions’ Stop Motion Kit for years, and judging by the sales and reviews, you’ve loved it as much as we have. This year we are excited to introduce Stop Motion Explosion, completely revised, updated and expanded to make it the most up to date and complete stop motion kit available at such a reasonable price. The Stopmotion Explosion Kit includes the Stopmotion Explosion Book, which explains all you need to know in a straightforward manner; and the CD, with a large collection of sound effects, all the basic software you need for Windows or Mac OS X computers, and a storyboard template. The kit also contains a specially selected Windows- and Mac OS X-compatible camera with 800×600 image resolution, quality optics with smooth manual focus down to 3cm, and full control of exposure, color, and white balance. As a bonus, the camera is also compatible with Skype and other video chatting applications.

How To Make Stop Motion Movies
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To enter, simply answer this question: “How did you find out about Timberdoodle?” If you want extra entries, you can also use PunchTab. Out of all the comments and entries we receive, we will draw one name (courtesy of to win their very own Stop Motion Animation Explosion Kit. Winners must have a USA shipping address, see all the rules here. Drawing ends Monday, June 25th, at 10AM PST.

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40 Responses to “How To Make Stop Motion Movies – Kit Giveaway”

  1. Kat Rhodes says:

    I found Timberdoodle in one of my google marathons looking for homeschool curric.

  2. Sylvia Duggan says:

    I learned about Timberdoodle from a resource list in Deb Bell’s Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling back when I was first staring out like 10 years ago. Have been a fan ever since.

  3. Erica S. says:

    I found Timberdoodle when I was looking online for a good variety of homeschool supplies all in one place and for a good price. Timberdoodle was the site that finally allowed me to stop my search!

  4. Lisa says:

    I found out about Timberdoodle on Facebook!

  5. tina says:

    I found out about Timberdoodle online when I was looking for good homeschool resources .

  6. rhea says:

    I think I must have received a catalog after requesting homeschool info online or by mailer. I can’t remember, but I do remember being so excited by the catalog and the products!

  7. Michelle says:

    We found out about Timberdoodle YEARS ago (likely 15 or 16 by now). Our son wasn’t even old enough to go to school, but my husband used to order Lego through your company and of course, a catalogue always was delivered along with it. I used to pour over those catalogues and really, they were my inspiration to even begin homeschooling. I hadn’t really even seriously considered it an option until then…I was a public school teacher and new nothing about educating my own child, as crazy as that sounds. Thanks so much for sticking around through all these years! My third child just turned 3 and we are still having a blast using Timberdoodle products for our “school.”

  8. Dawn says:

    I found Timberdoodle through a friend at a Mom’s meeting through a local home school group. :)

  9. Marilyn Jewett says:

    I found Timberdoodle years ago when I was looking for something to help my special needs daughter survive school and learn

  10. Megan says:

    From a stranger in the park…so happy God placed her with me that day.

  11. Michael Hallman says:

    I heard about Timberdoodle through Penniless Teacher mailings.

  12. Jennifer Cardoza says:

    I heard about Timberdoodle at a used curriculum sale. Everyone kept talking about this great website were they got all there homeschool stuff from so I finally asked which website they were talking about. They enthusiastically told me about Timberdoodle and one mom even gave me her catolog. =)

  13. Linda Walsh says:

    I loved Timberdoodle when I homeschooled my older daughters, now 26 and 28, and I still love it now as I’m homeschooling my 12 yo! I think I first learned about it from homeschooling magazines.

  14. Dan says:

    I first heard of Timberdoodle by picking up a Timberdoodle catalog my wife had requested after hearing about it from some homeschooling friends 10 or so years ago. I was immediately hooked on the great collection of educational games, toys, and especially science-related items.

  15. Penny says:

    from a online search

  16. Sheryl says:

    I can’t remember how I first learned about Timberdoodle. It has been to many years ago. I can tell you that I have loved every catalog I have ever received lol! My oldest son, now graduated, loved the catalog and would keep it in his room and show it to his Grandparents at Christmas and birthday time. My younger children now sit and mark all the thinks they want in the catalog.

  17. Lori says:

    I think I found out about your company by searching online for homeschool products.

  18. Kristin R. says:

    I found Timberdoodle at a homeschool convention.

  19. Malynda says:

    I found a catalog in a gift bag at a homeschool convention.

  20. karen says:

    I had gone to a homeschool conference and was given huge catalogs from so many vendors. The choices were overwhelming – and the descriptions didn’t distinguish well between the products. I threw them out and searched for a company that focused on a FEW good products with well written reviews, thus finding Timberdoodle.

  21. Shelley Barber says:

    Found it in an online search!

  22. julie says:

    I found Timberdoodle by a search engine when looking for curriculum. I am so glad I found them!

  23. Holly says:

    From friends on Facebook.

  24. Kristen Burns says:

    I had a friend tell me about Timberdoodle.

  25. Crystal. says:

    I heard about it through Facebook.

  26. Sally B. says:

    My sister told me about it during one of your swan song sales over 11 years ago! I love Timberdoodle!!

  27. Lisa M says:

    Wow, I’ve been acquainted with Timberdoodle for so many years, I don’t even remember how I found you! It may have been by “accident” through a Google search for some homeschooling supplies. However it happened, I’m glad it did!

  28. Rebecca N says:

    It was a friend’s FB share on one of your big giveaways.

  29. Kim says:

    A few years back a friend mentioned she had found the best price on a book I needed at Timberdoodle. I asked her what that was and she said, “you don’t know about Timberdoodle!?” Needless to say, I checked it out right away.

  30. Nicole says:

    My mom told me about your catalog. She used it when you had first started and now I tell everyone about you.

  31. Bev says:

    Many, many years ago a homeschooling friend told me about your catalog.

  32. Sheila says:

    I heard about Timberdoodle 6 or 7 years ago from another mom in my homeschool support group. She gave me ideas for getting started in homeschooling and looking at Timberdoodle was one of them.

  33. Marian says:

    I heard about Timberdodle from EXCEL homeschool group in Dallas, TX.

  34. Melinda says:

    I think it was from a friend. But I’ve been drooling over your catalogs so long I can’t quite remember. LOL.

  35. Marsha says:

    We have been Timberdoodle fans for so long that I don’t recall how we learned of you.

  36. Bridget says:

    I heard about Timberdoodle from a mom who has been homeschooling since the 80’s!

  37. Starla says:

    I heard about Timberdoodle doing online research when I first began to homeschool.

  38. Astreia says:

    I heard about Timberdoodle via a facebook post.

  39. Vicki Childs says:

    There was a catalog in my registration packet at a homeschool conference. Loved the catalog and have been adding little things to our home school ever since!

  40. Mimi says:

    I found Timberdoodle years ago when I first started homeschooling. I believe it was through word of mouth, and the Timberdoodle catalog!

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