Are Timberdoodle's Core Curriculum Kits Accredited?

Are Timberdoodle’s Curriculum Kits Accredited?

This is a common question about our Timberdoodle Curriculum Kits so for those of you who have wondered but not asked yet, here is our answer! Accreditation is really a term used for regulating schools instructing students, rather than the curriculum itself. So if we were overseeing the education of your children, checking their grades, etc. then we could pursue accreditation. However, Timberdoodle is not a school, but rather a curriculum supplier so we are not eligible to become accredited. To put it another way, your local school district is accredited, but not their textbooks. What most people mean when […]

Combining subjects for multiple grades

Why and How to Combine Science and History for Multiple Grades

We believe that history and science are best studied as a family, especially in the elementary grades. Not only will it promote family unity, but it will also take pressure off you since you don’t need to teach multiple science programs or portions of history at the same time. On top of that you’ll save money since you aren’t purchasing science and history textbooks for every child every year. (You may still want each one to have their own workbook or notebook though.) Need help deciding which programs to go with? Here are some starter hints. Science Apologia Elementary is […]

How to Choose A Homeschool Curriculum Kit

How do I Pick the Best Curriculum Kit for My Family? A 12 Question Checklist

Every Curriculum Seller Has a Wonderful Plan for Your Life As summer draws to an end I am amazed with the inundation of emails I receive advertising curriculum kits; each of which claims that their package will solve all your problems and leave you with a magical, happy school year. Your children will skip out of their room every day and beg to do their school work. You will never be confused about what to teach next. Messes will clean themselves up, and the dog will probably learn to read too! If you believe all the claims you will be […]