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Wild Earth Graphic Novels are such fantastic triple purpose books!

  1. New readers will find the easy words, illustrated with helpful and engaging pictures, so motivating they’ll probably ask you if they may read just one more.  (They are not babyish either, perfect for your slightly older student who is still building reading skills.)
  2. Young scientists will love learning why volcanoes, tornadoes, earthquakes and hurricanes occur.
  3. We all know children who are at least a little alarmed by the thought of natural disasters – if your child is one of those than the helpful preparedness and in-case-of-emergency tips will help calm their fears of the unknown.

Wild Earth My First Graphic Novels 5-star review
Ready to win?

To enter, answer this question: What is the biggest or most interesting natural disaster you’ve survived?  If you want extra entries, you can also use Punchtab below. Out of all the comments and entries we receive, we will draw one name (courtesy of random.org) and award them their own set of Wild Earth Graphic Novels. Winners must have a USA shipping address, see all the rules here. Drawing ends Monday, October 29th, at noon PST.

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  1. Shanrell Kremer says:

    I’ve survived two major floods in my life. The small town I grew up in was flooded terribly, and more recently the small city I live in flooded catastrophically. Our house had around 6 feet of running water in it; we’ve since rebuilt!

  2. krysten says:

    Each year our county road floods and the river is too high to cross in a car. People use row boats if they have to get out, but mostly we just have to stay home for a few days. One year our power went out for days as well and the power company couldn’t get here right away. It was an adventure we are all glad has passed!

  3. Sarah Hood says:

    We Live about 10 miles from the epicenter of the 5.2 earthquake in Louisa County, VA that happened last year. We are very blessed not to have suffered much damage from the same earthquake that cracked the Washington Monument in Washington D.C.! The kids were terrified and cried most of that day, but then we learned that life goes on and we survived. I think my beginning readers would love these books. I sure hope I win!

  4. Donna Westerman says:

    My nephew, a reluctant reader, would like the books.

  5. Donna Westerman says:

    Complicated entry process.

  6. kimberlee says:

    Two years in a row here in IL we had earthquakes in the middle of the night. The first time the shaking woke me up, the 2nd time the rumbling woke me up.

  7. Aquino says:

    We live in Bedford, VA. This year in late June we had a derecho, straight line winds with strength of tornadoes. It was terrifying while it lasted, but everyone was safe. We went a few days without electricity and spent them with close friends who still had a/c.

  8. Lisa says:

    When we lived in Florida we experienced Tropical storm Fay, which dumped rain and more rain on us until we wondered if it would come up to our front door and into the house. Fortunately it stopped halfway up the yard but it was an eerie feeling being trappped at home, watching folks canoe down our street.

  9. Tina O. says:

    Hurricane Andrew and then hurricane Wilma

  10. Serena says:

    I’ve been through a few earthquakes, and last Friday there was a tornado here, which was unusual.

  11. Angie says:

    I’ve had to deal with driving in very heavy snowfall a few times. Thankfully, I’ve always made it home without issue. We have tornadoes and flooding at times, but nothing too close.

  12. Mozi Esmes Mom says:

    We live in a disaster-free zone, it seems! I guess the “natural” one would be an earthquake in Seattle. I was giving a software training course at the time – had all the trainees get under tables while computers were rattling overhead, switches were falling off walls, etc. Nothing major, though.

    More exciting would be human-made disasters. We were in Maputo, Mozambique during taxi riots, with rocks flying, burning tires, in the roadway, etc…

  13. jamie palau says:

    no natural disasters for me :)

  14. Derek says:

    Hurricanes and tornadoes in New Orleans. I was around for Hurricane Camille to Andrew. I left New Orleans but helped my family through Katrina.

  15. Sheryl Cyr says:

    We have driven through fires in Montana but otherwise I have not lived through any natural disasters

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