May We Quote Your Child?

Wouldn’t you love to know what actual students thought of Timberdoodle’s products? We would too! Have your child fill out the following survey and he or she will be entered to win a $150 Timberdoodle Gift Certificate. What will he buy? The long-desired robot kit? An art kit worth framing? We’ll also add a special prize for him or her in your next order – think Extreme Dot-to-Dot book, Max Axiom Graphic Novel, or Pizza Pirates Create Your Own Adventure book! Order must be placed within six weeks to redeem this prize. Perhaps best of all, these reviews still qualify for your typical Doodle Dollar reward points!

Enter Now!
Giveaway ends Friday, January 20th, 2017 at noon PST. Reviews are appreciated any time, but if you’d like to win a prize, start reviewing now!

Can Parents Review Too?
Absolutely! However, the extra prizes are for the kids only. Your review will still receive Doodle Dollar reward points and our unending appreciation though!

Eligible Reviews
An eligible review is of a current Timberdoodle item purchased here and includes enough information to be helpful for someone considering this item.

My Child Can’t Write Yet!
No problem. Just have him dictate his review to you and send it our way. (And yes, we will totally understand if you fine-tune his answers for readability.)

How Many Entries May We Have?
Submit as many unique reviews as you like! You may also choose to add a photo for an extra entry, doubling your chance at prizes.

What About Reward Points?
Every unique, qualified review will also receive the usual Doodle Dollar reward points. That’s 20-50 points, or $1-$2.50 off your next order, for each item reviewed! (If multiple family members review the same item, each child will receive an entry but only one will receive reward points.)

We Didn’t Like Everything
As much as we love positive reviews, we love honest ones better – no review will be disqualified for being negative! (As long as it is civil.)

I Don’t Want to Share My Child’s Name
We want you to do what you are most comfortable with for your child’s security. Some families may wish to use their child’s middle name or nickname rather than a first name. Please make the choice that’s best for your family.

I Didn’t Buy It From You
Only reviews of items you purchased from Timberdoodle qualify for prizes and points, but we always enjoy hearing your thoughts, so still feel free to share away!

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