The Damaged Sale Catastrophe – We’re Sorry!

Dear Friends,

We are SO sorry for the nightmare on our website this morning! Seriously.

Here’s what happened: When our sale launched this morning, we were overwhelmed with the response and received an unprecedented spike in our traffic. We anticipated some slowing but expected our host to keep it running like last year. Instead, they set a limit for our site, kicking a third of you off immediately and sending the other two-thirds of you into crawling speed. They did not contact us at that point, and it took us a while to figure out what happened. (Our own connections initially appeared unaffected.)

By the time we were able to get them on the phone and determine what had happened, enough of you had (understandably!) given up and left, so that those of you who were persistent were able to finally complete your orders.

Meanwhile, items were continuing to sell out rapidly as those of you who were still on the site were able to drag yourselves through check out. Of course that meant that those of you who waited your turn to shop finally arrived to find the sale shelves relatively bare.

We’re SO sorry!

Next year we will be discussing this sale with our host before launch and ensuring that they are fully prepared to handle ALL of you without crashing.

While we have already sold through many of the damaged items, we would love to at least offer you a discount off of purchases you’ve been waiting to place. So, for example, even if we are sold out of damaged copies of Mystery of History, you can still pick up a perfectly new copy for a discounted price. We hope this takes a little of the sting out of your experience today. (Please note, damaged and closeout items, curriculum kits, and manufacturer-excluded items such as Teaching Textbooks and Rosetta Stone will not be discounted further.) This discount is already live on our website now, and all orders placed between 7AM this morning and noon tomorrow (12:00 noon 2/14/17 PST) will qualify for the discount. If you already ordered, just contact us and we will be thrilled to issue you the appropriate refund. As a side-note, we cannot recall the last time in Timberdoodle history that we have offered such a global sale.

You guys alerted us to the problems first, and bore with us while we worked through them. Over and over again today we’ve been impressed by our kind and caring customers/friends. Thank you so much! And let’s never meet like this again!

Joy for the Timberdoodle Team

Joy D.

Joy D.

The oldest of the "Timberdoodle children" I now work full time for the company, filling such roles as marketing manager, curriculum adviser, video producer, etc. I'm a new foster mom with my sisters and in my spare time I enjoy reading and volunteering in the church and as an EMT with the fire department.

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