Timberdoodle Story #65

Before you decided to use Timberdoodle, what was your biggest obstacle or concern about using a Timberdoodle Curriculum Kit?

I wanted to make sure the options fit for us. I looked at a lot of companies to make sure you can adapt them for your child’s strengths and weaknesses and I found Timberdoodle to have the most and best options for that.

What did you discover that helped you overcome that?

The custom kits! Such a great idea.

Which Timberdoodle Curriculum Kits and editions are part of your story?

PreK, Kindergarten, First Grade, Sixth Grade – Elite, Custom, Secular

What is the very best thing about your Timberdoodle experience so far?

The resources and reviews. So much info at your finger tips and super fast at answering questions.

Would you recommend Timberdoodle Kits to your friends? And if so, what 2-3 Timberdoodle highlights would you want your friends to know?


The customer service is amazing.
You can customize the kits or create your own all together.
They have Facebook pages for each grade range to connect with other homeschool families and Timberdoodle.

Any tips for a new homeschooler looking at Timberdoodle for the very first time?

Research and read all the tips. The guidebooks are worth it even if you don’t buy a full kit.

Anything else you’d like to share?

Timberdoodle is amazing! They make you feel like part of their family and that they care about your journey and want the best for you as well.



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