Timberdoodle Story #54

Before you decided to use Timberdoodle, what was your biggest obstacle or concern about using a Timberdoodle Curriculum Kit?

I had never heard of the company before! So, I was nervous about the purchase.

What did you discover that helped you overcome that?

Research and I asked many questions to fellow homeschool parents.

Which Timberdoodle Curriculum Kits and editions are part of your story?

Fourth Grade, Eighth Grade – Complete

What is the very best thing about your Timberdoodle experience so far?

We just got our boxes opened and so far it looks like this coming school year will be full of exciting adventures.

Any tips for a new homeschooler looking at Timberdoodle for the very first time?

Research and ask questions! While you may not care for one certain subject you can always use another program along with Timberdoodle!



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