Timberdoodle Story #8

Before you decided to use Timberdoodle, what was your biggest obstacle or concern about using a Timberdoodle Curriculum Kit?

I wasn’t sure if the curriculum would have the Montessori activities I wanted for my daughter or if it would be difficult to make a yearly plan and finish the curriculum in time.

What did you discover that helped you overcome that?

I called into the customer service and they told me about their great planners that come with the kit and the online planner that I can customize however I wanted. They also told me the curriculum was Montessori-integrated like I was looking for. They also helped me with the questions I had about my county’s regulations for homeschool students.

Which Timberdoodle Curriculum Kits and editions are part of your story?

Preschool Elite

What is the very best thing about your Timberdoodle experience so far?

I love that my daughter is excited to do school every day! She has certain activities that are a challenge to her and some that are easy and mildly difficult. There is such a great range of products in the curriculum that I don’t have to worry about her getting discouraged, feeling like she can’t do something because it’s too hard. There’s always something she can do all by herself and she loves that! I also love that I don’t have to plan everything. I use the checklist that came with the curriculum and I check off things as she finishes. Sometimes she finishes more than expected and it’s ok because everything is so flexible.

Would you recommend Timberdoodle Kits to your friends? And if so, what 2-3 Timberdoodle highlights would you want your friends to know?


It doesn’t take a lot of planning or work to homeschool with this curriculum. Your kids will have a blast and won’t know they are learning, and it’s so flexible it can fit into anyone’s schedule!

Any tips for a new homeschooler looking at Timberdoodle for the very first time?

Read the book that comes with the kit and let your child decide what they want to do each day. You can guide them a little but they always like feeling like they are picking things out.

Anything else you’d like to share?

Timberdoodle has made my life so much easier, no planning, no worry, no stress!



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