A Day in the Life of Arizona Timberdoodlers

Hi! My name is Tina and I am a homeschooling mom. My husband Dan is a Pediatric Neurology Nurse Practitioner and a Doctoral of Nursing Practice Professor at ASU. We have 4 children. Madison – age 16, Nolan – age 13, Kaitlin – age 7, and Cal – age 5.

Madison loves learning new languages, singing and playing volleyball.

Nolan was recently awarded his black belt in karate, loves being creative and playing sports.

Kaitlin is our singing, dancing, acting, drama child who is full of spunk and joy.

Cal is just getting into playing sports and he loves painting and crafting.

Our family as a whole loves to venture out on long road trips, camp, sightsee and visit as many presidential libraries as we can!

Our Morning:

We are not early risers, so most morning our day starts around 8:30 am. Cal is usually up first and gets the day rolling with a yelling wake call. “It’s morning!”

Mom makes breakfast or else all the kids get their own cereal.

School starts at the same time as breakfast because we start our mornings with Bible class first thing.

We have a curriculum that is completely hand picked by Mom and Dad. We use Apologia, Math U See, critical thinking books, games, Rosetta Stone, and many others. We love the books and games we have gotten from Timberdoodle. They are always easy to follow and keep our family’s attention.

Mom usually needs help with chores so we have a family chore jar. Each day we blindly pick out a chore and then get paid the amount listed on the back. They are color coded to be age appropriate. It works great for us!

Our Afternoon:

Once we finish up our main studies, it’s time for lunch. This is usually about 12:15-ish. We eat lots of sandwiches and fruit around here. We have a budget that we stick to every month and so we joke that meal times are like a puzzle we have to solve.

Our afternoons are usually filled with fun activities because our school is finished in the mornings (besides teenagers having “homework” in the evenings).

Around 3:00 we head out for activities, running around and dropping everyone either here or there.

If it’s a free day we usually get together with other neighborhood families and go for bike rides, swim, play games or barbecue.

Our Evening:

Dinner responsibilities are shared by Mom, Dad and Madison. Our favorite meal as a family is tacos. We all love tacos.

Sunday nights are family game night. I would have to say that is the highlight of the week. Relaxing, fun down time to unwind and catch up from a busy week of work and fun.

At night the littles go to bed about 8:00 pm after story time, Nolan around 9:00 pm after his time with Mom and Dad, and then Madison at 10:00 pm. This makes it so that all our age groups get our undivided attention at least once during a busy chaotic, fun filled, learning day.

Just for Fun:

We have a lot of outside activities that we are involved in as well. Basketball, baseball, softball, dance, gymnastics, church youth group, women’s bible study, choir and Mondays we go to a homeschool school in Mesa, Arizona. Our activities don’t mess up our daily routine because Mom always makes sure our activities are in the afternoons so that mornings are dedicated to school.

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