Welcome Us Home!

Hello Friends!

We’re so excited to announce that Timberdoodle.com has just received a major upgrade!

New and Improved

While there are many new features we can’t wait to introduce you to, the one we’ve been most asked about is a new payment plan option – rolling out now. This edition of our website is also more robust, making it better able to handle a large influx of visitors at once. We’re finding that as we experience exponential growth, this is a feature we need more and more.

But Also the Same

Your Doodle Dollar reward points have transferred to the new site, along with your order history. And in case you’re wondering, Timberdoodle has been owned and run by the same family since 1985, with no plans to change that. 😉

You Only Need to Do One Thing

The password on your account could not be transferred for security purposes. (Understandably, they don’t want us to see your password, so they don’t allow it to be imported or exported.) All you’ll need to do is check your email for an invitation to set a new password on your account. That’s it!

Thank you for being a loyal Timberdoodle customer. Welcome to the new site!

~ The Timberdoodle Team

P.S. While our team has scrambled to find and fix all issues before launch, we know there will be growing pains over the next 2 weeks as we stretch our wings a bit and correct new typos and small layout issues. In light of that, our bug points program is suspended until August 1st, though we always welcome hearing from you and will be eager to fix any issues you run into.  Just contact us by phone, chat, or email if we can be of any assistance. We can’t wait to serve you!



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