A Day in the Life of New Brunswick Timberdoodlers

Hi! I’m Natalie, a homeschooling Mum of 2 monkeys! (Did you see Mum not Mom?! That’s because we are English but emigrated to New Brunswick, Canada 7 years ago!). My husband drives truck long haul so it’s mainly just the 3 of us. Our children are: Cody, a boy aged 12 (who is already taller than me!) and Freya, a daughter aged 10. We have 2 cats called Hunter (the crazy one!) and Prince (the mellow one!). Freya is arty and has about a million different projects on the go. Cody is all about wanting to join the army and avoiding language arts lessons.

Our Morning:

Monday morning! My alarm goes off at 7.30 which tells the cats to come say “Hi, breakfast please!” I like to lay and listen to the sound of children sleeping for a few minutes then the cats meow at me to move so it’s feed them and grab a shower!

Kettle goes on ready for coffee and my husband texts “you awake?” before ringing from wherever (Tennessee, Texas, Toronto, etc!). I talk and get dressed (thank you for speaker phone!) then head down for coffee and toast. I managed quiet time this morning which is a minor miracle!!!!

Freya normally appears first and heads straight to the freezer for a waffle.

Cody emerges an hour or so later. Lying in bed listening to audio books is preferable to starting math! He’s not one for much breakfast but when he starts eating at around 11.00 am it’s pretty much nonstop until bed.

We start school with our read-aloud (Enchanted Castle by E Nesbit) then do a devotion, listen to a Children’s Introduction to Poetry and a chapter from Our Island Story. We are quite eclectic but use lots of Timberdoodle products. Math is Teaching Textbooks, my son uses Jump In for his writing and my daughter some UK workbooks. Science is Answers in Genesis: God’s Design for Science and we are doing Our Universe at the moment.

Our Afternoon:

Lunchtime on Mondays Mum/Granny FaceTimes from England and we have a good chat/catch up. Sometimes she “sits” at the table while we eat! Today was breakfast wraps (yes, for lunch!).

Then it’s me reminding the children to practice their music before we have an hour of quiet time.

Doodle books, dot-to-dots and audio books are some of the things they use. This is my chance to check Facebook and fold laundry and remember I need to cook supper so should probably figure that out.

Our Evening:

Found leftover cooked chicken in the fridge so we had curry and rice tonight … an early supper because both children do Brazilian Jiu Jitsu on a Monday and you don’t need that on a full stomach!

It’s Freya’s turn to lay the table and clean the cat litter today and Cody washes up anything that doesn’t go in the dishwasher. Then it’s Gis on and off to BJJ. I just drop them outside and scoot home for some peace!

Amazing how much you can get done when you’re alone! I tidy and vacuum, do the ironing and sit and chat on the phone with my husband (who is usually in a different location by now). Time flies and it’s pick up the children, home, snack and getting ready for bed.

Time for a story in my room (reading the Rose Years) then some individual time, prayers, back scratches/massage and hugs and kisses.

They read or listen to books/music and lights out by 10:00 in the summer.

Just for Fun:

We have a homeschool group but things are quiet in the summer. Both children take music. Freya does piano/violin and Cody does piano/guitar. Girl Guides for Freya and Youth Group for Cody are the clubs of choice and we try to swim at least once a week.



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