A Day in the Life of Nevada Timberdoodlers

I’m Jamie of southern Nevada. There are 6 of us: Dad is a pastor, Mom is a photographer, Big Sis (12) is a sports enthusiast and aspiring nurse, and Little Bro (10) is an outdoorsy guy and aspiring Park Ranger. Spud, our cat, is 17 years old! And Rebel, our desert tortoise, is 4.

We are a creative crew, and always have a DIY project (or ten) going on… We just finished painting our kitchen cabinets, and are currently crafting grain sack-inspired scripture signs!

We also love adventure — camping, hiking, biking… you name it!

Our Morning:

On a typical day, we gather in the family room for Bible Study at 9:00 (currently Marty Machowski’s Long Story Short), following personal devotion times, giving some love to the pets and the plants, and eating breakfast.

Big Sis is the early riser around here. She is a sweet, self-motivated, rule-following girl. The biggest arguments we have with her is how early she can come out of her room and get started on the day. Most of us are greeting the morning around 7:00 a.m., but she’d prefer to be up and at ’em around 5:00 a.m. 

Breakfast is a DIY affair that looks a bit like continental breakfast at a hotel — cereal, yogurt, fruit, toast, juice, and tea.

We use Timberdoodle exclusively, and supplement the curriculum with a constant pile of library books and videos we’re exploring. 

Our Afternoon:

Lunch usually consists of leftovers; meatloaf and tacos are our favorites! On the rare occasion we’ve eaten all the leftovers, we turn to sandwiches.

We save the easier school work for the afternoon, which for us mostly includes spelling, writing, and reading. Our current read aloud is Mary Poppins. We’ve been giggling over her sass, which is so much more prominent in the book than in the movie.

When school is through around 3:00, we all do about 30 minutes of assigned chores according to a daily chore chart.

With record highs at 117 degrees around these parts right now, we spend as many afternoons in our backyard pool as possible.

And Mom is always puttering in her kennel garden (kennel turned kitchen garden). This week, we harvested tomatoes, bell peppers, basil, mint, carrots, and onions. And we planted zinnias and violas.

Our Evening:

For dinner, we tend toward comfort food, usually from the slow cooker — roasts, soups, etc. And then we add some vegetables to the table to try to make it healthier.

Bible Study, reading, bike rides, pool time, and garden work tend to be the highlights of each day.

Getting out of bed in the morning, and then crawling back into bed at night, tend to be the low points of each day.

At the end of the day, the kids usually have some quiet reading time as Dad and Mom do some computer work in the home office. Then, it’s prayers and tuck-ins.

Just for Fun:

We are involved with a couple amazing homeschool groups, so we do about one field trip every week. We do school year round, and just do it four days a week to accommodate all the hands-on-learning (a.k.a. field trips) we do.

Recent homeschool group outings have included a ropes course and a high dive pool. This week, we’re going to the Compassion Experience. As a pastor’s family we, of course, spend a lot of time at church, and we also have people over to eat and join others around their tables quite a bit.

The kids do sports year round, so depending on the season, it’s soccer, basketball, or softball/baseball.

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