A Day in the Life of California Timberdoodlers

Hi, my name is Karly. I am a homeschool mom. My husband is in the military. My daughter is 4 and my son 1. We live in San Bernadino, California.

Both of my children love puzzles, drawing and helping Mom bake. My daughter loves to dance, sing and tell stories. (Theatre major, for sure.) My son loves to be outside collecting bugs and building his rock collection. (Future geologist?) As a family we love to visit museums, the playground and splash pad.

Our Morning:

Today is a Monday morning! We get up at 7:00 and eat pancakes and fruit for breakfast.

The kids have free play while Mom cleans the kitchen.

At 8:30 we head upstairs to get dressed and ready to start our day.

The kids help load up the washing machine while Mom sorts laundry in to piles.

Then we head outside to play. We take our sidewalk chalk, sand toys and soccer ball with us.

 Outdoor play is always the first part of our daily curriculum. We usually combine it with Pinterest activities.

Our Afternoon:

We head inside and wash up ready for lunch. Today we had sandwiches and veggie sticks with ranch.

Little Man goes down for a nap. My daughter and I sit down to some Bambino Luk phonics work.  We then do some work in our hidden pictures book and complete a dot-to-dot 1-30 for math.

Our Evening:

For dinner we ate shepherd’s pie and veggies and the kids ate ice cream and strawberries for dessert.

The high part of our day was definitely my daughter reading CVC words without any assistance and being so proud of it. The low was school being cut short due to Little Man deciding a 40 minute nap was sufficient for the day.

We ended the day on the sofa with Daddy reading Max and Ruby and then getting the kids ready for bed.

Extracurricular Activities:

As of right now besides the library, pool, splash pad and daily walks my littles are not yet involved in extra-curriculars. Our daily schedule is mainly dictated by Little Brother’s nap and whether he will or won’t take one.



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