7 FAQs About Timberdoodle Handbooks

This time of year we receive a number of inquiries about our handbooks. Perhaps you’ve had these questions too? We hope this FAQ will help, and if you have more questions please ask away!

Do I need a Curriculum Handbook?
If you are a first time homeschooler, the answer is yes. Our curriculum handbooks were especially designed for you. Without this resource, parents new to homeschooling would get an enormous box of texts, workbooks, art supplies and construction kits and feel immediately overwhelmed. To make the first year of homeschooling smooth sailing, we took on the task of providing you with an overview of what to do and when. But, spoiler alert, it is not rocket science! To develop a schedule we just took each text or workbook and divided the total pages by 36, the number of weeks in a typical school year and that was the number of pages that we suggested families complete each week. Science, art and construction kits were handled in similar manner; the number of projects divided by 36 yields the number to do each week, month, or quarter.

I’ve been homeschooling for years, and have many of the materials included in your kits, would a handbook be any help to me?
Where a handbook is worth purchasing, even for a seasoned pro, is when it includes proprietary instructions primarily revolving around the convergent and divergent aspects to the STEM kits. This is particularly necessary for the Tiny Tot, Preschool, PreK, First Grade, Third Grade, and to a lesser extent for Kindergarten, Fourth Grade, and Tenth Grade. It would not be needed for Second Grade, Fifth Grade, Sixth Grade, Seventh Grade, Eighth Grade, Ninth Grade, Eleventh Grade and Twelfth Grade.

Besides the extra help for the STEM kits, is there any other reason a handbook may prove helpful?
Yes, if your child is planning on participating in this year’s reading challenge, each handbook provides you a convenient place to track his progress. And if you, like us, prefer that your child learns to manage his own schedule then you will be delighted with how easy we have made this for you. Each handbook includes free access to that grade’s online scheduler. Log in, check a few boxes to add or remove items as you like, and select your weeks of school. Bam, your custom schedule is ready to print and use! Pro tip: Date each week’s completed list and file them for an easy record of what was completed when in your school year. How easy was that?

If I customize my kit, will the handbook be customized?
No, the handbooks are pre-printed, so no changes to your kit will be reflected in the book. However, the online scheduler will allow you to make any changes you’d like to make, generating a weekly checklist that tracks exactly what you’d like it to track every week.

I really, really want a handbook, may I purchase one?
Of course! Just give us a call or email and we will be delighted to sell you one. Each is priced at $39.95 and includes a $25 gift certificate good towards the purchase of any curriculum kit.

Wait, do I pay for the Handbook in my curriculum kit?
No! Every curriculum kit, custom or otherwise, includes a handbook absolutely free. The price is only if they are purchased separate from a kit.

May I see inside a Timberdoodle Handbook?
Here’s a live video that gives a good overview:

Joy D.

Joy D.

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