A Day in the Life of Colorado Timberdoodlers

I’m Cristi from Colorado Springs. We’re a military family with one college student traipsing around Europe for the summer, one high school student hanging out by the pool saving lives, and one middle school student trying to beat me at board games.

Our Morning:

We’re all marching to different schedules this summer. My husband headed off to work, then our youngest daughter wandered through the kitchen to fix some toast. I was wasting time curriculum shopping online, but took a break to measure out her morning medicines and fix myself some scrambled eggs.

We spent most of the morning playing board games. It was a “forbidden day” — Forbidden Desert, followed by Forbidden Island. Since they’re both cooperative games, we either both won or both lost. We ended up with one win, two losses for the day. (Please don’t tell my daughter that she was learning critical thinking skills; she thinks it’s vacation time.)

Our son popped through to grab some iced coffee before leaving for his lifeguard job.

Our Afternoon:

After an afternoon occupational therapy appointment, we headed home for “feet off the floor” time. I squandered my free time by messaging with a friend on Facebook, while my daughter listened to a new audiobook from the library. (She loves the Rush Revere books.)

Our Evening:

It’s Friday night and we’re heading to a bonfire with the youth group at church — hotdogs, chips, and s’mores. Since the weather cooled off today, it’ll be a great night around a fire.

Just for Fun:

During the school year, we often squeeze in Science Olympiad study sessions with teammates around the city. For now, we’re enjoying a nice break from robot building, hovercraft designing, and materials science studying.

Our evenings are often spent at scout meetings, church, or a baseball field.

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