A Day in the Life of California Timberdoodles

I am MaryAnne in California. I have a husband named Mike and four kids: 11-year-old Emma, 9-year-old Johnny, 7-year-old Lily, and 4-year-old Anna.

Our Morning:

My kids are usually up at 6:00 am. They fix themselves breakfast and start on school work while I get up and shower.

We’ll have a morning devotional, and they do school work, play, and practice musical instruments until lunch.

Board games are popular in the morning time for free time play. The kids often eat lunch as a picnic outside our front door. They will spend up to a couple of hours chatting afterwards.

Our Afternoon:

After lunch we often go to the park or swimming (our condo complex has a pool, and California’s mild weather means we can use it most of the year).

The kids finish up any school work they have, and often they will work on a craft. Polymer clay or sewing are popular choices. They often play with LEGO sets or Playmobil in the afternoon.

If everyone has practiced and completed any schoolwork or chores that remain, they are allowed up to one hour of family television.

Our Evening:

The kids almost always go to bed by 7:00 pm, so there isn’t a lot of time between dinner and bedtime. Sometimes they’ll swim or go do something quick with their dad after dinner, before bedtime.

The 9-year-old and 11-year-old are allowed to read in bed until 8:00 pm; the 4-year-old and 7-year-old almost always fall asleep instantly. We have a fun bedtime routine including songs from me and stories by Dad.

Just for Fun:

Music is our family’s main extracurricular. My 11-year-old plays cello, the 9-year-old piano, and the 7-year-old violin. The 4-year-old likes to screech away on her violin as well.

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Mama Smiles

From  Emma’s Perspective

Hi! My name is Emma. I am eleven years old. I have two younger sisters, Lily who is seven and Anna who is four. I also have a younger brother, Johnny, who is nine.

I love baking.

We have two fish, Basketball and Orangey.

Our family likes to go on road trips.

My dad is a professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics, and my mom is a blogger. Her blog is called Mama Smiles, and I have a blog called Maker Emma.

My Morning:

At 6:00 AM, I woke up and read on my Kindle.

Then at 6:40 I went downstairs and chatted with my Dad.

Then at 7:00 AM, Dad leaves for a conference.

At 7:05 AM I eat breakfast.

At 7:15, I work on my Timberdoodle Curriculum Kit.

At 7:50 I make a chart of people in my family.

At 8:40 I drink a mango smoothie.

At 8:43 my Mom takes a picture of my chart.

At 8:50 I help my little sister Anna with her Timberdoodle Curriculum Kit.

At 9:30 I go to a cello lesson.

At 10:45 I come home from my cello lesson.

Then at 11:00 AM I have a picnic lunch.

My Afternoon:

At 1:00 PM I come back from my picnic and do Ninja School with John and Anna.

At 1:45 PM John goes to a friend’s house.

At 2:00 PM I play a game with Lily and Anna.

At 3:46 PM I work on my Timberdoodle Curriculum Kit some more.

At 4:40 PM John comes home and I keep on doing Timberdoodle.

My Evening:

At 5:00 PM I read.

At 5:20 PM, I eat pizza for dinner.

At 5:40 PM, we go upstairs and watch Gortimer Gibbons on our projector.

At 6:40 PM I get ready for bed.

At 7:00 PM I get in bed and read.

At 8:00 PM I turn off my Kindle and sleep.

Just for Fun:

I played outside for a while during the picnic. I also worked on my blog for a while, did Khan Academy and worked on my 6th Grade Timberdoodle Curriculum Kit.

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Maker Emma

From Johnny’s Perspective

I live in California with my mom and dad and three sisters. I want to be an inventor when I grow up.

My Morning:

6:20. I woke up.
7:20. I had breakfast.
7:40. I read.
8:46. I did My Crazy Inventions book.
9:20. I played CLIKO.
9:43. I went on the swing.
10:33. I read.
11:03. Set up picnic.
11:30. I had a picnic.

My Afternoon:

12:10. I practiced French.
12:25. I played Bloxels Builders.
12:54. I played with a balloon.
1:05. I cleaned up the picnic.
1:15. I made a Ninja School.
1:45. I went to my friend’s house.

My Evening:

5:22. I had dinner.
5:40. I watched Gortimer Gibbons.
6:52. Get ready for bed.
7:00. Go to bed.

Just for Fun:

I play the piano and I like soccer and basketball.

From Lily’s Perspective

I live in California with my mom and dad. I have a brother named Johnny and sisters named Emma and Anna.

My Morning:

6:00. I woke up.
7:00. I played with Anna.
8:41. I drank a mango smoothie.
8:42. I did Timberdoodle.
9:10. I wrote to the Kindness Elves.
9:16. I stuck the letter in the Kindness Elf mailbox.
9:26. I played with Anna.
10:00. I played with Anna.
10:11. I did Timberdoodle.
10:30. I picked Emma up from her cello lesson.

My Afternoon:

3:00. I played with Emma and Anna.
3:46. I ate a snack. Mom picked up Johnny from a play date.

My Evening:

5:40. I watched Gortimer Gibbons.
6:40. I finished watching Gortimer Gibbons.
6:50. I got ready for bed.
7:00. I got in bed.

Just for Fun:

I sing in a choir and I play the violin. I like to play with friends. I like crafts.

From Anna’s Perspective

I am four years old. I live in California with my mom and dad, two older sisters and one older brother.

My Morning:

6:00 am. Wake up.
8:00 am. Emma helps me with school.
9:00 am. I write a letter to the Elves.
10:00 am. I pick Emma up from her cello lesson.
11:00 am. I eat lunch.

My Afternoon:

Noon. I practice violin.
1:00 pm. I play with Lily and Emma.

My Evening:

5:00 pm. I eat dinner.
7:00 pm. I go to bed.

Just for Fun:

I play a lot. I like playing with Lily.



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