A Day in the Life of Washington Timberdoodlers

Hello! My name is Anne. My family lives in Washington State and consists of my husband, M – my two daughters, G (age 3), and E (age 1), oh, and our 3 cats – Shadrach, Meshach & Abby. People often comment that Shadrach is the biggest cat they’ve ever seen. We like to think of him as “fluffy.” 

I’m a stay-at-home-mom while M works hard as a commercial electrician. Aside from taking care of my girls during the day, my next love is projects. People around me know I’m always cooking up some kind of DIY – usually something to make our home feel more like the “afters” in the TV show Fixer Upper instead of feeling like the actual 1920’s fixer upper that it really is. :p

Our oldest, G, is constantly keeping me on my toes – sometimes she’s super sweet to Baby Sister, sometimes she’s knocking her over while she tries to crawl. :} She looooves singing and dancing, especially when Papa (M) is home to accompany her on the piano. She’s really gotten into drawing (on her white board) and coloring recently, and I love watching her scribbles evolve into recognizable shapes!

Our youngest, E, is one of the happiest babies around. She’s been a great sleeper all her life, and I think being well-rested makes her so easy-going –unless she gets frustrated. She can go a little bit “hulk baby” on us sometimes, but it usually subsides pretty quickly. She’s not beyond being reasoned with. She is mastering her crawl currently and seems to really be enjoying her newfound freedom to navigate through the house. She loves helping me sweep by putting things into her mouth and is great at helping me rearrange low shelves. 😀

Our Morning:

Ah, mornings! Being that I’m home by myself with the girls most days, I often stay up too late in the evenings working on projects that aren’t really baby and toddler friendly (painting, etc). Then when morning comes I wait until the last minute to wake up – the last minute meaning as soon as one of the girls wakes up. I think I can count on my one hand the number of times I’ve successfully woken up before them and gotten anything productive done. But I like to think I make up for it in the 4+ hours after they go to bed.

Moving on, our mornings really depend on who wakes up first. If my youngest wakes up first, I’ll usually nurse her, and sometimes she’ll want to lay back down and will fall back asleep. (Yay!) If my older daughter wakes up first, she’ll usually come snuggle in bed with me and we’ll wait until Little Sister wakes up. If they both happen to wake up at the same time, it feels kind of like the whole day rolled out of bed on the wrong side. Everyone wants morning snuggles, but there’s only one Mama – and it can get a little rough.

After we’re all awake and changed out of our PJs, we trek downstairs for breakfast. We eat lots of oatmeal, lots of yogurt, and lots of fruits for a typical breakfast. Sometimes pancakes or breakfast sandwiches if we’re fancy and not in a hurry.

Since both girls still nap during the day, our mornings are usually when we head out for errands if we need/want to get anything done. With the girls so close in age, I usually carry one in one of my Tula carriers while the other sits in the cart or stroller depending on where we’re going. I feel like I’ve got a much better handle on life as a mama of 2 that way – not worrying about anyone darting off, or flopping on the floor. :p

Both my girls are still pretty young, so when we are home, we try to learn by playing. Lots of “Please pass me that green pig! Do you remember what a pig says?” and not really any established curriculum yet.

The girls play nicely together for the most part, so while they’re occupied I’ll work on catching up on household chores. 🙂

Our Afternoon:

Ah, the afternoon! Both girls nap from approx 1:00 pm to 3:00 or 4:00 pm depending on the day and what we’ve accomplished and been doing. I love getting a little reprieve in the middle of the day to catch my breath.

I usually eat my lunch right after they fall asleep, and then work on laundry in our basement laundry room, or gardening outside (with their monitors nearby) while they’re sleeping. I prioritize tasks by, “Could I get such-and-such done while the girls are awake?” If the answer is yes, then that’s what I do, saving sleep times for the harder tasks.

M starts work pretty early in the morning, so he’s usually home right around the middle-end of the girl’s naps. It’s nice when he gets a few minutes to unwind, change out of his work clothes, and sometimes play the piano before they wake up. They both get pretty excited when he comes home. It’s adorable.

Our Evening:

Once the girls are awake from nap and Papa is home, we figure out how our evening is going to look. Sometimes Papa has work at his second job to head off too, and if that’s the case, we usually head out for a walk or something so the girls and I don’t feel stir-crazy. If Papa is home, we often head to a park or out for dinner to get to all spend time together.

M’s sister and her husband are some of our favorite people to hang out with, so we visit with them in the evenings when they’re free, too.  

We just recently started the Hello Fresh meal service, so that’s been fun to explore some new food items and has been really nice having everything so easily prepared!

Just for Fun:

As for outside activities, most revolve around our church. Papa (M) helps with the sound equipment for our Sunday worship service, and goes to practice with the team most Thursdays.

I’ve been working the past few months getting ready for our church’s big “KidsCamp” (VBS) program! My job before I “retired” to be a stay-at-home-mom was as an administrative assistant. I love organizing and creating spreadsheets and documents, so helping with registration and what-not was right up my alley.



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