A Day in the Life of Georgia Timberdoodlers

Hi! My name is Jazmin and I am a homeschooling mom. My husband is in the military. We live in Georgia.

My son, Jeffrey, is 8 years old and dreams of being President of the United States; so much so that all of his library books for the last two months have been about past Presidents, especially Barack Obama and Abraham Lincoln.

My daughter, Journey, is 5 years old and spends most of her day singing and dancing around the house. Currently her playlist consists of the Moana soundtrack and Trolls soundtrack.

As a family we like to read and all things Scouting.

Our Morning:

On a typical Monday morning, the kids get up and make their breakfast together, usually consisting of waffles, fruit and juice. Dad is at work and Mom is probably checking emails and sipping tea.

At 8:30 am, after the kitchen is put back together, is when school gets started.

Jeffrey, the oldest, does his independent studies first, such as English (Christian Light Education) and reading comprehension (various short readers), while the youngest, Journey, gets alone time with Mom to do short lessons in Math (Horizons), English (Christian Light Education), and Reading (Hooked on Phonics/Christian Light Education).

Our Afternoon:

After morning studies, we eat lunch as a group (Mom and kids) while watching a science show, such as Magic School Bus or old episodes of Bill Nye the Science Guy. We keep lunch simple (various sandwiches, chips, and fruit) so that we can focus on our science conversations.

After lunch is cleaned up, we head back to the classroom. The youngest does art activities or puts together puzzles on her own, while the oldest works on Math (Singapore Math). When math is done, we either do a science experiment from our earlier show, or talk about something interesting in history.

The afternoons are mostly interest led. At about 2:00 pm, the kids have quiet time, where they can read books of interest, draw, or build with Legos. During this time, Mom does laundry, wash dishes, and prepare for dinner.

Our Evening:

By dinner time, Dad is usually home and plays with the kids. They go on nature walks, wrestle, or just hang out and watch a movie.

The family eats dinner as a whole, and all electronics are turned off. It’s time for the family to replay their days, and for the kids to give Dad one fun fact that they learned during the day.

After dinner, the kids trade off bath time and playing on their tablets. Dad handles dishes and Mom is able to relax and read.

Dad does bedtime which usually consists of hugs, kisses, and more than one book.

Just for Fun:

  • Scouts
  • Homeschool PE
  • Soccer
  • Church Bible Study

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