A Day in the Life of Arizona Timberdoodlers

Hello! I’m Charissa, a homeschooling mom. My husband is a underground driller. Our son is Jorissen is almost 4 and on the autism spectrum. We also have a 5-month-old lab puppy. We all love things outdoors!

Our Morning:

We wake up and have breakfast. Usually it’s as simple as cereal.

We do our daily chores then head right into morning basket. In our morning basket is Bible, Hooked on Phonics, read alouds and What Your Preschooler Needs to Know.

We do our all our school work before lunch.

Our Afternoon:

For lunch we either pack a lunch to take out or have something at home.

Wednesdays are always wet Wednesdays and we head to the splash, while Thursday is library.

Our Evening:

Evening is always the biggest meal we have all together. We always ask the best part of the day as well as what we learned for the day.

Just for Fun:

We do a co-op twice a week in he afternoon. We aren’t old enough for sports until the spring.

Check Out Our Timberdoodle Unboxing on YouTube:



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