A Day in the Life of Pacific Northwest Timberdoodlers

Hello! We are the Whiteharts.

Dad is a city bus driver with a crazy work schedule. Mom stays home and takes care of the homeschooling which we’ve always done with our four kids, two (soon 3) of whom have graduated.

Laura is 21, graduated from college, and now studying linguistics to be able to assist with Bible translation. She spent the last year teaching at a Christian school and is quite adamant that homeschooling is a much better choice for educating children.

Annie is 19 and working on getting an A.A. degree by taking online classes from a Christian college.

Hudson, 17, is in his last year of homeschooling and planning to make cyber-security his future career.

Tucker is 14 and likes anything other than school, especially playing outside.

Our Morning:

On a typical school day, everyone wakes up individually between 6:00 and 9:00. Many times that depends on how late Dad got home and who stayed up to see him!

Most days, everyone finds their own breakfast of cold cereal, toast, or leftovers, or the first one up might make pancakes or eggs for the rest of us.

Once Bibles are read and breakfast is finished, the children plow into their schoolwork. The 2 who haven’t graduated from homeschool have a list of things that must be accomplished for the week, which is divided into days. For most subjects, they are allowed to work ahead if they wish. But no fun is allowed until the work for the day is done–unless they do something with Dad before he heads to work after lunch.

Hudson is taking a few dual-enrollment online college classes from a Christian university. Those credits are cheaper while he is in high school, but our family misses the flexibility of being able to set our own vacation times. He is also using Apologia Advanced Biology, Sharon Watson’s Writing Fiction in High School, Rosetta Stone Spanish, The Thinking Toolbox, Fallacy Detective, and Sproul’s Economics for Everybody.

Tucker’s curriculum includes a modified version of Writing Fiction in High School (some of the content in the recommended accompaniment book didn’t meet our family’s standards), Teaching Textbooks Algebra 2 alternated with Key to Geometry (he struggles with math, so easy days interspersed with hard ones seem more manageable), various ASL resources, Wordly Wise, and Spelling Power.

Our Afternoon:

On a busy day lunch may be chicken nuggets, on a cold day it will probably be soup, but our favorite lunch is taco casserole. Sometimes lunch is rushed as Dad has to get to work on time–the bus driver can’t be late!

After lunch, schoolwork is finished and chores are started.

Tucker loves building Metal Earth, so he is especially diligent if he has a new kit to complete when his work is done.

Hudson finishes his work and then typically does yard work for a neighbor.

Annie takes a break from her intensive studying to wash dishes.

Our Evening:

Dinner is often something from the Crockpot or leftovers from lunch the day before.

If the morning consisted of a project or activity with Dad, school sometimes isn’t finished until 9:00 at night. Not the ideal schedule, but we’re learning to be flexible and joyful with the work God has provided.

At the end of the day we have found answering the question, “How did God work in your life today?” to be a wonderful topic for family time.

Just for Fun:

Our family loves to square dance. That sometimes means a dance late at night which often means a late start to school the next day. But we enjoy being able to do an activity together as a family, and it is great exercise and also a mental workout.

Our family also enjoys hosting exchange students. Over the years we’ve had many students pass through our doors. It has been such a great learning experience and a wonderful opportunity to share Christ. When younger, our children used their first-hand learning to create a display about China for an international fair (see picture).

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