A Day in the Life of Missouri Timberdoodlers

Hi! My name is Taylor and I’m a first time homeschooling mom.

My 4- (almost 5-) year-old son Abel is starting kindergarten. His most favorite things are story time and bike riding with his friends.

His 3-year-old-sister Lily is a social butterfly who enjoys in-depth conversation and soccer.

My husband is our hard-working provider and gentle giant. He is a paint technician at a local window manufacturing company.

Recently we added a new member to the family, a white and orange cat named Sugar.

All five us enjoy a nice outdoor adventure. If we aren’t home working, we’ve gone fishin’!

Our Morning:

I believe a close family, real world experience, and top notch education are vital. Homeschooling allows us to teach our children these values and essential experiences. We started our journey just three days ago, and it’s so wonderful.

I wake up at 6:00 a.m. and prepare the materials from our Timberdoodle Elite kindergarten curriculum for the day’s lessons. An hour and a half earlier Dad left for work. Twelve hour shifts.

At 7:00 I wake up my little kindergartener Abel and for breakfast we have either pancakes, eggs, bacon, yogurt, fruit among other options. (Lily gets up according to her own biological clock)

After we eat and dress we are ready to start the school day around 8:00-8:30. It takes Abel about 4 hours, give or take, to complete all assignments. Lily will often join in the discussions and join in on the activities. I can easily tackle household chores during block and art time. I don’t worry about chores much during class time though. I have all afternoon to catch up.

Our Afternoon:

For lunch have anything from sandwiches to pasta to pizza, whatever we all decide on having. The kids like to help prepare the food and after eating we clean off the table together.

After all lessons and chores are done, some days we drive out to trails and hike.

Most days until dad gets home we are home riding bikes, playing soccer, shooting hoops, doing obstacle course activities.

On rest days we love to do art crafts, puzzles, singing and dancing. We are quite an active bunch!

Our Evening:

Today for dinner we had oven baked kielbasa and potatoes. So good!

After a busy day, per usual, and full bellies we bathe, brush teeth, potty, read a good book. Then it’s hugs and kisses and good nights.

I break out my journal and log the day. Making notes of how the day went, what was good, what can we do better. The low points are few and far between for me. I love every second of our lives and time together. I am truly blessed.

Abel can get frustrated when his handwriting isn’t perfect, but I encourage him every step of the way.

The high points of the day are seeing the wheels in my child’s head turn, the light of fascination in his eyes, the questions and interest, the yays, high fives, and look of satisfaction upon him.

Just for Fun:

So far we are not enrolled in any extracurricular activities. Everything is at home and out with friends until we get a membership at our local YMCA. They offer tons of great extracurriculars. Abel will be in the home school PE class and basketball. Lily will be in tap jazz ballet class.



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