A Day in the Life of Montana Timberdoodlers

Bonjour! I’m Leah, a stay-at-home mom who loves art, food, and great books. My husband is a craftsman and pastor; two full-time jobs keep him busy every day of our week so our kids and I love adventuring to pass time.

Grant and Vera live for the outdoors but slow down to draw and watch a good movie.

We live in Montana where hiking, heading to a lake and working in our garden are a part of our routine… Traveling to other states and countries keeps us excited and hungry for more learning…

Our Morning:

A typical school day starts with eggs and toast and some music to set the mood.

Because Grant and Vera are younger, we focus on art projects, science experiments, and a stack of books that looks like the leaning tower of Pisa!

I’m implementing French daily because we’re hoping to head to Europe next spring and, well, I’m a Francophile at heart.

I absolutely love Singapore Math and The Reading Lesson is hands-down the best. The Thinking Skills section on Timberdoodle is my go-to for games for school, fun and gifts. Learning should be exciting and finding that balance for each child can be tricky, but it’s incredibly rewarding when you get it right… Case in point, most days my kids don’t want to stop working!

Our Afternoon:

We do a picnic for lunch every single day because they are so much fun! If the weather isn’t conducive, then I throw a blanket down in the living room.

Our afternoons are spent outside with an hour long respite afterwards for naps or quiet activities… my saving grace!

Our Evening:

I love cooking and planning dinner. We eat around the table every evening and talk as a family… and this is something I hope will continue for years to come. We’re pretty healthy and do have a restricted diet, but thankfully savory foods full of protein and veggies are our norm.

Evenings are really the only time Grant and Vera can spend time with their dad, Eli, so we rarely have the TV on… actually we don’t even have channels, just the Netflix and PBS apps. I highly recommend unplugging your cable.

Bedtime is a sweet time, to settle in, talk, and so I’m pretty strict about maintaining our routine and protecting it. It’s good for our kids and great for my husband and me!

Just for Fun:

We’ve found ballet classes and soccer teams for the kids through our local community which is awesome. There are quite a few homeschooling families in our remote corner but no co-op and so this fall, along with another mom, I’ll be starting one that facilitates field trips, workshops and gatherings. I believe that supplementing the education of local children and bringing support to parents that homeschool is vital to a well rounded learning experience. I’m excited and also a little nervous about this task we are taking on but feel that I must for my son and daughter.

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