A Day in the Life of Missouri Timberdoodlers

Hello there, I am Susan, wife of Bob and mother to 8 children. Well, a few children and a few adults now!

Our oldest, Kailey, is 26, lives in Texas helping a young family with 6 small children and runs a bakery. Our son, Shea (24), is married to Emmalene and they are expecting grandchild number one in August! Emma(20) is married to Philip and they are expecting grandchild number two in November! Mimi(19), Mary(17), Jed(16), Lael(14), and Claire(12) are still at home. I am schooling the youngest three. Mimi is starting EMT school this fall and Mary starts nursing school in January.

We live on 30 acres in very rural Missouri and have a small farm. All of our children grew up raising animals and working hard doing farm chores.

We have attended the same church in nearby Springfield, Missouri for 14 years. It gives us great joy that our children all follow the Lord faithfully, which was always our main goal of homeschooling and our focus.

My husband and I, along with much help from our children, run a small, Christian boarding school for troubled boys on our farm. The boys now do much of the farm work. We use homeschool materials with the students in our school. We are thankful to God for giving us the opportunity to work with these boys and to see transformations made in their lives.

Our Morning:

I am up at 6:30 to feed Jed who has football weights early this summer. Bob is up soon after to make breakfast for the boarding school students. He will be over there until about 8:30 when our son, Shea, arrives. Shea does much of the schooling for the boarding school students. He sort of acts as a homeschool Mom, facilitating the boys’ individual work.

Meanwhile, Claire is up to make breakfast for our family. The three girls at home rotate meals; this week Claire is breakfast.

We school year-round so that we can take time off when needed so we start right up at 9;00 with Mystery of History. I have just started this with Lael and Claire after having gone through the whole series with my older children. I am loving it once again! The three of us also do Word Roots together. Then individual work begins. We use Teaching Textbooks for math, Easy Grammar, and many other resources from Timberdoodle.

Our Afternoon:

Lael is in charge of lunch not only for the eight boarding school students today, but our family, as well. So we had to wait a bit. She likes to be creative so we ended up with sliced pineapple and cheese and crackers. Emma came for a visit today so we spent lunchtime visiting with Emma and discussing her pregnancy which has been quite difficult with severe morning sickness.

Lael had a Science test to finish after lunch so she worked on that while Claire pulled out some paints. Claire is very creative and will spend most of her free time painting, drawing or making something she found on Pinterest.

Jed arrived home from football and immediately went to work with the boys outside. The current project is making stepping stones between the buildings for the school.

All of our kids are athletic and participate in sports so most afternoons involve some kind of game or workout. Bob and I also work out a few times a week. Today was a workout day but we also had a surprise party to attend, so we worked out a bit early.

I gave the kids instructions on dinner and chores needed to be done while we were gone and Bob and I set off for the 45 minute drive to “town”.

Our Evening:

Because we were gone tonight our evening was not typical. A typical evening includes a meal together, reading, an evening walk, and just spending time together.

Just for Fun:

We are a sports family so most times of the year involve practices and games/tournaments. We live 45 minutes from anywhere so I do spend quite a bit of my life driving the kids to and from these events.

We are very involved in our church and try to help others when we can. The girls babysit for young families quite often. We have many small get-togethers with other church families.

We are also a reading family and you will find any one of us curled up somewhere with a book when we can get a moment.



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