A Day in the Life of California Timberdoodlers

My name is Megan, and I am brand new to the homeschooling community.

My son is four years old, and while I feel like we’ve been learning all along, I’m especially excited to start adding structure and organized curriculum to our days. I also have two daughters, two years old and two months old.

My husband is a civil engineer, and I stay home with the kids. We live in northern California.

I love reading, baking, and being with my people. My son loves reading and playing with anything with wheels! My two year old daughter loves art projects and puzzles. The baby loves attention and hearing songs/nursery rhymes.

Our Morning:

This morning, most of us woke up at six to have breakfast together before Dad left for work.

After a breakfast of fruit and yogurt parfaits, we read our Bible and devotions (Marty Machowski’s Old Story New) and said goodbye to Dad.

Our workbooks were already laid out with sticky tabs on a few pages. We began our Timberdoodle PreK curriculum a few weeks ago. We’re planning to spend a full year in it so we can work through the workbooks slowly. My son loves Mathematical Reasoning!

Afterwards, the big kids and I talked about the calendar, got dressed, and washed dishes together while the baby napped.

For the rest of the morning, we played with play-dough and the Tiny Polka Dot game. My kids think “hungry numbers” is hysterical!

Our Afternoon:

After a lunch of PB&J for the 4-year-old and hummus/cheese/crackers for the 2-year-old, we read books and took naps.

After naptime, we talked about our Science with Tots lesson with magnifying glasses.

Then we folded laundry and relaxed in front of the air conditioner. We’re in the middle of a heat wave here!

Our Evening:

When Dad arrived home, he played with the kids while I made a dinner of tempeh taco bowls with assorted toppings.

Afterward, we played outside with our neighbors until it was time for the bath/bedtime routine.

Dad is taking care of the big kids while I nurse the baby, and hopefully everyone is down by 8:00 pm.

Then I will tidy up and lay out our materials for tomorrow’s “school time” before heading to bed myself.

Just for Fun:

As my kids are so little, we don’t do too much yet. But the 4-year-old and 2-year-old start soccer next week! It’s only a one night a week commitment (and the classes are one right after the other), so it doesn’t impact our normal schedule much.

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