A Day in the Life of Texas Timberdoodlers

My name is Betsey and I am homeschool mom of 4 kids. I am originally from Upstate New York but have been living and homeschooling in Texas for 8 years now.

My husband works for a nearby college and is also a full time student so his days are very long and his weekends are spent studying.

I have two boys schooling now. My 9th grader is the resident chef and aspiring engineer with a love of music. My 5th grade boy is active and high energy with a fun sense of humor and a wonderful work ethic.

We also have two little girls who add delight and joy to our days and fill us with lots of cute distractions. My oldest daughter is 5 and will be starting Kindergarten and her sister is 3 and will be starting to learn to write her name.

We have 2 pets: a golden lab named Scout and a house bunny named Lucy. Our family loves to play board games, go swimming and watch movies.

Our Morning:

This morning was a Monday. My husband gets up early makes his breakfast, does some Bible reading and packs his school bag. He leaves for work around 7:30.

My girls are also up and asking for breakfast and milk and juice. I get up and make some coffee, feed the girls some eggs or oatmeal and read my Bible and look over my calendar for the day. We are working a summer school schedule this summer since we moved last fall and took an extra long break so we are still finishing up some academics but on a light schedule.

My younger boy is getting ready to go to a basketball camp this morning with his cousin so he makes his own breakfast and does his chores and is ready to go by 8:30.

My older boy eats breakfast and we discuss his school checklist for the day. He has his books out by 9:00 and I see that he gets started and I go upstairs to do my exercise and get ready for the day. I listen to an audiobook while I do some cardio and stretching that my doctor has me doing. Its only day 4 of this and I do not want to do any of it! But I will.

I’m back downstairs by 9:45 and my girls have given themselves the chickenpox with a brown marker. Thankfully it is washable and we work to get them cleaned up.

I brew a pot of tea and see where in the checklist my son is with his schooling. He has done most of his work but has a book that we usually read together. We pour some tea with honey and read for about 30 minutes. The little girls come to join us for some tea and listen a little before going back to play in the other room.

By 11:00 we finish the chapter of our book and my son moves on to his science book. He finishes that up just before my other son comes home from basketball at 11:15. Time to clean up the books and tea cups and start some lunch.

Our Afternoon:

With our academics behind us we move on towards lunch time. My girls are quickly becoming ravenous. I decide that we need to clean out the fridge and pantry a bit today. The girls decide they want baked potatoes for lunch so I get them started in the microwave and pull out some freezer lunches for my older son as I also start to put dinner in the crock pot. We unload and reload the diswasher and I clean the kitchen a little bit while lunch is getting ready. Everyone enjoys a quick lunch and cleans up after themselves.

I look over everyone’s school and chores lists and approve a little bit of screen time while I work on kitchen projects and some deep cleaning. I put on a podcast to listen to while I work in the kitchen .

Our Evening:

After a free afternoon spent playing games, reading books and working on some household stuff I am happy that dinner was started hours ago. I have crockpot red beans and rice ready to eat which is a family favorite. We have to take Dad’s bowl out first and set it aside so he has dinner when he gets home from school. He works till 6:00 but has class till 10:00 pm tonight. He brings a sandwich to eat before class but usually has some of our dinner when he gets home late.

After dinner we clean up the kitchen and get the girls ready for bed. Once the clean-up is done we can read some books or watch a little TV before lights out.

The girls go to bed in shifts, the littlest first who gives us the hardest time. Once she is asleep her sister climbs up into her bunk and goes to bed.

The boys then listen to some audiobooks. I spend my evening reading a book or doing some crochet work while watching TV.

By 9:00 we all head to bed. The boys are allowed to read or listen to audio books until 10:00.

I do more doctor-prescribed stretches and exercises while listening to my audiobook. I then plan out tomorrow in my journal and look over my calendar and checklists until my husband comes home. We have a quick chat and I go to sleep.

He heads downstairs to watch TV or play some video games for a little while to unwind in a quiet house.

Just for Fun:

Twice a week we attend a park day for about 3 hours. We try to get some school done ahead of that time and afterwards.

We like to make the most of our drive time so we listen to some geography songs, and math facts songs, latin songs and spanish songs on the way to and from the park . This playlist has become a favorite and we listen to it most of the time we have 20 minutes or so in the car.

We like to play a lot of board games on the weekend and we carry travel games in the car to play anytime we have a few minutes of waiting.

Once a month or so we do a nature study class at a local park. The boys enjoy their class and the girls and I enjoy a brisk walk and time on the playground.



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