A Day in the Life of Missouri Timberdoodlers

Hi, I’m Amy and my family consists of my husband David, who is a pastor, and our five children:

  • Eli is 9 and loves American Ninja Warrior
  • Emory, 7, likes all things princess and girly
  • Caroline, 4, likes books and chasing her older siblings around
  • Maggie, 2, likes climbing in everything, riding her tricycle, and swimming
  • AJ, 8 months, likes rolling around and putting things in her mouth

We also have a dog named Albus. He is a German shepherd mix. When we have free time we love hiking and exploring new places together as a family.

Our Morning:

Eli is our morning person and is always up first, but he is also very loud and rambunctious, so everyone else gets up shortly after him.

The kids cleaned their room while I made some scrambled eggs and toast for breakfast. I worked on last night’s dishes while everyone ate.

After breakfast, we got started on school. Eli worked on math while Emory and I worked on language arts. Then we switched and Emory did math while Eli and I did language arts. The little kids played with Barbies and drew pictures.

Our Afternoon:

Around lunch time we took a break. The kids went outside to play while I made sandwiches and apple slices.

After lunch we had some reading time. The two older kids read books to themselves while I read to the younger kids.

After that I did science and history with the older kids. They share the curriculum for those subjects so we do them together.

Our Evening:

When school was finished, the kids worked on picking up while I prepared dinner. We had spaghetti and ate when David got home.

After dinner, the neighbors were outside playing so we all went out to visit and play with them.

Just for Fun:

Eli and Emory both take ballet about an hour away and we go to a homeschool co-op about 30 minutes away. Both of those activities are on Mondays so we don’t get much done on Monday. We generally try to work around that by doing extra work during the week and having a four day school week. Eli also takes piano lessons and we all go to Wednesday night church services.



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