A Day in the Life of North Carolina Timberdoodlers

Hi there! My name is Katie and I’m a newbie “homeschool mom.” This is our first summer with Timberdoodle and we will start Kindergarten this Fall!!!

My husband is Chris and he works as a General Manager of a hotel. I work part time as a lifestyle photographer. It’s lots of fun!

Our daughter is Sophia Rose, and she just turned 5 years old.

We live at the beach and love spending our days playing in the ocean, going to the pool, or local park! Sophia is learning to swim under water and currently thinks she can make it all the way to Disney World if she could just hold her breath long enough, haha!

Sophia loves horses and she loves her weekly ballet class.

We have a baby Pug and her name is Eloise. She is so funny and full of personality. She loves stealing Sophia’s toys and hides them behind our couch or in her bed.

Our family loves to cook together and we are planning our first Disney trip for next year!

Our Morning:

We are currently on summer break but we are already getting into our curriculum! We are loving our routine and hope to continue it through the fall. Mondays are actually our favorite right now because it means a new theme for the week!

We typically are up and eating breakfast by 8:00 and we love making oatmeal with toppings! It keeps us focused and fills up our tummies.

On Mondays during the summer we start or new theme and so far we’ve done bugs, plants, and today we are starting our week with “our bodies.” We are using our Usborne book, Look Inside Your Body, and some of our science kits too! Sophia loves this book and the flaps are so interactive that she stays focused the whole time. We are also incorporating a math lesson and counting our bones!

So right now since this is so new to us our routine is changing a little but we are loving it. A timeline of our “School Day” will be breakfast, science, history/current events, math, art + STEM, then ending with reading + writing.

As a mom and a teacher I also like to add in time for myself to sit down and work in my planner. It helps to really see what we’ve covered for the day and what to focus on tomorrow and the rest of the week. If Sophia is struggling with a topic or has lots of extra questions I am totally fine with repeating on Fridays and giving her a small “fun quiz” as we call it!

Our Afternoon:

Our afternoons are special! We use afternoons for art/STEM and for reading/writing!

We also have ballet on Thursdays and music class on Tuesdays. Since we are currently on summer break our days are a lot more relaxed and we’ve been doing our assignments at the pool or beach! It makes for an awesome setting and super relaxing!

Our Evening:

We love cooking as a family but most days this isn’t realistic so I really try to have dinner ideas ready at the beginning of the week so I’m not spending so much time thinking, “What should we have?!” Fridays are saved for pizza nights and Taco Tuesdays are a big hit in our house!

We love ending our days with a short book or at least a full chapter if we’re reading Sophia a bigger story. Right now we are reading The Secret Garden!

Just for Fun:

We have ballet each Thursday and last year Sophia took part in 3 performances! The Nutcracker, Sleeping Beauty, and A MidSummer’s Dream. They are all amazing but our favorite was Beauty and the Beast!

We also joined a music class on Tuesdays. This fall Sophia will be able to join Girl Scouts so I’m sure that will be lots of fun. On these days our routine isn’t affected as much but we do follow a shorter schedule just to make it easier on her and Mom!

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