A Day in the Life of Minnesota Timberdoodlers

My name is Gretchen and I’m a homeschooling Mom. I am teaching my seven-year-old first grader named Calvin.

Calvin’s dad is an environmental manager at a mining company. He teaches Calvin and me about history after he gets home from work each night. We have a dog named Brewster and a bunny named Bunnyrat. Calvin loves anything and everything to do with animals and their habitats.

Our Morning:

We are on a partial break from school right now. We still have schoolwork, but we are doing less while Calvin is in summer classes with our city recreation programs.

We had to get up this morning and get dressed and ready for Calvin’s tennis class.

After tennis we came home for breakfast and we read a few chapters from the book we are reading right now, The Chocolate Touch.

Calvin then had swimming lessons. Summers are so busy and filled with such fun activities!

Our Afternoon:

After lunch, we started to do some school work. We did our own curriculum this year, but are set up with Timberdoodle’s secular homeschool package for second grade this fall. We have heard great things about their curriculum packs from a homeschool magazine and other homeschool moms I have met.

Today, we did math, language, and analogies. Also we did science and geography. Lastly, Calvin had an art project he wanted to do on his own, so I helped him collect the things he needed and he got to work.

During the school year, we usually try to start and finish school in the morning. It seems Calvin has a harder time staying focused in the afternoon, so working in the mornings lessen the frustrations for both of us.

Our Evening:

When Calvin’s dad gets home, we sit down to have dinner.

After dinner his dad reads a chapter from The Story of the World, Book One. We will discuss the chapter, look at the maps and pictures in the project book and maybe do a project. We love The Story of the World book so far. It is a fun read and a great way to learn history.

Before bath and bed time, Calvin usually goes outside to play with the neighborhood kids.

Just for Fun:

We just moved to Minnesota, so I haven’t been able to find a homeschool co-op like the ones we had in northern Nevada. Because of this, Calvin and I usually go out on adventures alone during the school week. Most days we walk to the local park to play with the kids in the after-school program.

If it was too cold out, we would go to the local kids museum or library. Calvin also loves taking extracurricular classes offered by our school district and city recreation office. His favorite classes are STEAM or STEM classes.



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