A Day in the Life of Florida Timberdoodlers

I am Jen of Orlando. My family is a family of 4: 3 humans, 1 dog. The 3 humans are my husband, my son and myself.

The dog is Polly, a rescue lab/hound mix.

My husband works as an actor at Walt Disney World.

My son is 14 , a smart, funny, Aspergers teen, who is homeschooled after some rough days in public school.

I am the mom, trying to homeschool and also working part-time as an actor at Disney.

Our Morning:

Mornings are varied. My husband goes to work about 8:00 a.m., but my son can be up at 7:00 a.m. or sleeping in until 11:00 a.m. He often wakes up in the night- sometimes for hours at a time- so sleep is prized and respected.

Once he is up, he eats breakfast, gets dressed and starts school. Usually math comes first because it is his favorite. He does more and more learning on his own as he gets older, which feels both great and scary.

Our Afternoon:

After lunch, we usually do science and social studies.

In the summer, we spend the afternoon arguing about how much time he can be on the computer and running errands.

He loves researching videos on YouTube about airports and subways- he will watch them over and over- so we use that preferred activity to entice him to complete other things.

Our Evening:

Our son will play outside with neighborhood kids, my husband and I will try to stay awake (older parents are good but often tired…), and then we gather for some movie time. We love watching movies as a family. It used to be Disney movies, but now it is DVDs of Mystery Science Theater 3000 or something on Turner Classics.

Just for Fun:

My son loves singing , so ensemble rehearsal is frequent.

He takes classes and camps, and sometimes he does Special Olympics.

He is still searching for who he is, so we try a lot of things.

I wish we were more involved in church, but the youth group there is not a great fit for our son, so we need to keep looking.



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